In order to benefit from double tax treaties signed by the Netherlands with other countries, it is recommended to have the majority of directors as Dutch residents and a business address in that country, which can be obtained traditionally, by opening an office, or by getting a virtual office. We offer you a useful virtual office package with a prestigious business address in Amsterdam and main cities in the Netherlands. 

Companies registered in the Netherlands will pay corporate tax (between 20% and 25%), dividend tax (between 0% and 15%), VAT (between 6% and 21%) and other taxes related to the activities they have. The rates are subject to change, so it is recommended to verify them at the moment you want to incorporate a Dutch BV.

Companies that have residence in the Netherlands must pay taxes on their income obtained worldwide, while nonresident companies will pay taxes only on certain incomes from the Netherlands. The corporate tax will be paid as follows:

  • at a 20% rate for companies that obtain profits up to EUR 200,000;
  • at a 25% rate for the amounts over EUR 200,000.

For more details about taxation of a Dutch BV, you may contact our local specialists in company formation.

  • no restriction in providing securities of loans to third parties willing to acquire BV shares;
  • Shareholders are free to adopt resolutions without holding a special meeting and have the right to directly dismiss or appoint Directors (one or more).
  • there is a possibility include the details of an Agreement between the Shareholders in the AoA of a private LLC.
  • the Managing Board of the BV must approve the profit distribution among the Shareholders.

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