Dutch LLCs have to submit annual reports on their transactions and activities in line with specific requirements listed in the local Commercial Code. According to the Code each LLC has to prepare a yearly report using a specific format. The report must be signed by all Managing Board members and, if necessary, by the Board of Supervisors at the company.

The Commercial Code specifies a number of regulations and rules regarding the auditing, reporting

and filing that depend on the Dutch LLC’s classification.

All Dutch LLCs, excluding the ones classified as small businesses, are required to use the services of an auditor who shall review their yearly report and prepare an opinion.

The annual declarations on tax liabilities need to be submitted electronically no later than five months after the financial year’s end. If necessary, companies can apply for an extension of this period (maximum eleven months). The period for fiscal carry-back of tax losses is one year and for carry-forward – nine years.

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