1. Which industries do you service?

We work with a rather wide range of digital goods and services providers from games applications, to dating websites and software. What all our vendors do have in common is that they are growing online businesses that need a robust to check the prohibited industries you please refer to our content policy.

2. Which web browser is compatible to use for World Payments Corp

For Chrome we support version 17 and above.

For Internet Explorer we support version 8 and above.

For Firefox we support version 2 and above.

3. Do we need to be PCI certified?
All vendors who process, transmit or store card details must be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. By partnering with World Payments Corporation, you will be processing in compliance with the strictest level of PCI requirements.
4. Who handles all customer billing related questions and issues?

Direct all of your customers’ billing inquiries and issues over to us. We will exceed your customers’ service expectations.

5. What do I need in order to start selling?
First you will need to sign up with World Payments Corporation by submitting an application. Your application will be processed and your website will be reviewed by our underwriting team. During the review, we look at your products and services, review your marketing techniques, understand the pricing and review the checkout process (don’t forget to add a refund policy and privacy policy). After the application is approved and your site is up and running, you can start selling with World Payments Corporation.
6. How to Apply Vendor Account?

Step 1: Registration, receiving information and confirming order

  • Fill out the secure online form at to register.
  • In this step, you must fill in the correct information. World Payments Corporation will base the service on the information you provide.
  • After World Payments Corporation have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Update your information if you have made some mistakes.

Step 2: Review your website

  • World Payments Corporation will review your website and decide if your website can use our services or not. We will check the following.
  • The terms and conditions of use
  • The vendor’s name appears prominently on the site
  • Your refund policy is clearly posted
  • Your privacy policy is set out
  • The product/service offered is clearly described
  • Your payment guidelines

Step 3: Provide sandbox account, checking features and built-in web-vendor account.

  • After reviewing your website, World Payments Corporation will give you a sandbox vendor account to check the payment functions of your account.
  • When this account is operated, we will give a guide to your integrated vendor account on your website.

Step 4: Activate service

  • After integration of your vendor account, World Payments Corporation will provide a tool for you to check daily transactions, as well as the fees being paid to you.


7. What payment methods does World Payments Corporation offer my customers?
You are free to choose the combination of payment solution among Visa, Mastercard and American Express. In the future, the variety would increase based on the needs of our customers
8. What currencies does World Payment Corp support?
World Payment Corp support for these main currencies: USD, AUD, EUR, SGD.
9. How does World Payments Corp work?
World Payments Corp works by allowing sellers to accept online payment for their goods and services. After you are approved, integrate your website with World Payments Corp using either our free Plug and Play cart or a shopping cart of your choice. Your customers will order on your site, and then pay within World Payments Corp’s secure PCI compliant payment page. When the order is completed successfully, we will send the customer an order confirmation and then send them back to your website.
10. What is the A/B testing feature?

A/B testing allows you to optimize your payment flow performance by checking what design elements work best with your customers.

For example, create 2 simultaneous payment screens, one with an email field (screen A) and one without (screen B).  Compare the results and decide whether adding an email field is worth it for your business.

You can compare variant performance over time using a variety of parameters such as payment clicks, visitors, conversion rate, approval ratio, volume and actual CPU (cent per user/ revenue per user).

Take advantage of this unique and valuable performance tool offered free of charge with your World Payments vendor account.

11. Can we customize our payment page?
One of the main benefits of World Payments is the outstanding customized checkout experience you can offer your customers. You can easily add your logo, change the colors and background of the payment screen, add/remove fields and even make use your own HTML code.
12. How hard is it to integrate with World Payments?

World Payments offers a hosted payment solution, which means that you are essentially redirecting your customers to our highly converting payment flow. The benefit is that there is little to no integration required and due to simple (no programming) customization, customers never feel as if they have left your store.

Many vendors are able to complete the process on their own in minutes even, but for those that need a walk through, our support team is available 24/7.

13. How will I get paid?

Credits to Partner accounts will be accumulated and paid out on the following schedule:

For all credits created between the 1st to and including the 15th of the month, payment will occur 5 business days after the 15th day of the month.

For all credits created between the 16th to and including the last day of the month, payment will occur 5 business days after the last day of the month.

Payments will be delivered to you via PayPal in USD. Any money owed to you will be paid out twice monthly as long as your balance is above $25 USD. If your balance is below $25, it will be held until the next payout period.

14. How long does it take to set up the payment gateway?
It can be done in as fast as 3 working days. Do take note that this is not inclusive of bank application processes, and can also depend on the complexity of the customization services you would like for your e-commerce business model.
15. Do you supply card terminals for physical shops?
Unfortunately, we do not provide physical credit card terminals. Since e-commerce is the modern way to go, why not consider using your smartphone or tablet to start accepting online payments today!
16. Do you have a minimum transaction amount?
Yes, 0.50USD. We do not have limitation for maximum transaction amount.
17. What is Merchant/Vendor discount rate (MDR)?

It is the percentage of the transaction amount that the acquiring bank charges to the merchant for providing authorization to accept credit cards.

World Payments Corp offers the MDR of 2.85 % + USD 0.40 and below.

18. Who sets the currency conversion rates?
The bank of the cardholder set the exchange rate. World Payments Corp is the receiving party only.
19. What are the supporting documents I need to file against chargeback disputes?
Documents to file against disputes include the delivery receipt of goods or service, signed contracts or signed items received (whichever is applicable).
20. Do you accept oversea transaction?

Yes, we do accept payment from oversea too.

Please take note to select "Accept Non 3DS Card" in merchant settings else your WPC account will disable oversea transaction.

For security reason, all WPC vendor account are set to accept 3DS Card.

So, how 3-D Secure works?

Click here to read more about our 3D Secure system.

21. Do you charge for failed transactions?
For failed transaction it mean we could not capture the transaction. Charges applied only to successful transaction.
22. How do I cancel my order and get a refund?

Please contact the store from which you made the purchase. The store is responsible at all times for any queries relating to the payment and fulfilment of your order. Their contact details should be displayed on their website, the store purchase receipt and on the transaction confirmation email.

WPC only provide stores with the ability to accept card payments securely over the internet. We do not handle the goods and we are not authorized to cancel orders or give refunds.

23. How to calculate the FEES per transaction

For the formula on how to calculate the fees, kindly see the working breakdown below, which assumes an exchange rate of SGD to USD is 1SGD = 0.73USD.

For settlement in SGD

Gross Amount Captured   = 100.00 SGD

Fees (MDR+ Refund fee)  = MDR (100*2.85%) +  (0.40 USD)

                                          = 2.85 SGD + 0.40 USD

                                          = 2.85 SGD + 0.55 SGD

                                          = 3.4 SGD

Net Amount = 100.00 - 3.4 = 96.6 SGD

For settlement in non-SGD

Gross Amount Captured = 100.00 USD

Fees (MDR+ Refund fee) = MDR (100*3.3%) +  (0.40 USD)

                                         = 3.30 + 0.4

                                         = $3.7

Nett Amount = 100.00 - 3.7 = 96.3 USD

Hope this explain

24. How long can i expect a refund from merchant?
Once the merchant refund,it will take approximately 15 working days to reach the originate bank account.
25. What is the chargeback process like?

The chargeback process is described below.

  1. Buyer files a chargeback
  2. WPC receives notification of chargeback
  3. Bank deducts the chargeback amount from WPC. WPC temporarily holds the chargeback amount in the seller's WPC account
  4. WPC emails the seller as soon as possible
  5. Seller emails proof of purchase to WPC to dispute the chargeback
  6. WPC disputes the chargeback and awaits resolution from the credit card company
  7. If investigation is resolved in favour of the seller, WPC is reimbursed and unhold the chargeback amount in the seller's WPC account.
26. When I sell, and get buyers to pay, how long can I get my money?

The whole process:

  • 3 days banking process from customer bank to WPC holding bank
  • 2 to 3 days for transaction verification
  • 3 days banking process from WPC holding bank to merchant bank
27. How about processing limits, fund reserves and pay-out times?
There is no limit to the amount you can accept each month/per transaction through a merchant services provider, and your funds will be transferred to your bank account on the same schedule, regardless of volume. Normally pay-out is within 1 week for all merchant services providers we offer to you.
28. What are the minimum requirements of an e-commerce website?

Card brands generally require merchants on all platforms (web pages, apps, invoices or contracts) to have policies that clearly disclose certain business information and cardholder rights to potential customers. The specific policy requirements may vary depending on the location where you operate, the card brands you accept, and your business model.

Offshore Company Corp requirements

To help ensure that our merchants maintain the required policies, Offshore Company Corp performs periodic reviews of our merchants’ websites. You can avoid being flagged by our risk team by ensuring that the following information is clearly disclosed to your customers.

  • Contact information
  • Pricing information
  • Refund or cancellation policies
  • Privacy policy
  • Delivery time frames (if you are shipping physical goods)
  • Terms and conditions of service

Contact information

Any of the following are considered sufficient contact information.

  • A listed email address
  • A listed phone number
  • A physical mailing address
  • Social media accounts

Pricing information

Pricing should be made clear to customers on your site before they complete a payment with you.

Custom pricing

If your pricing is only available in a custom contract or once an invoice has been drafted, you'll need to ensure that customers agree to pricing and can easily locate your contact information, privacy policy and a refund/cancellation policy in the contract or invoice.

Members-only pricing

If your pricing and policies are only visible to members on your site, you'll need to make it clear that pricing is available upon login. We also recommend that you make your contact information, refund/cancellation policy, and privacy policy readily available on your site for both members and

Donation pricing

A donation page with preset donation amounts, as well as custom donation options, is acceptable for non-profit organisations.

Mobile payments

If you only accept payments via a mobile app or mobile website, you’ll need to either meet all e-commerce website requirements within your mobile platform, or provide links to the requirements on your full site.

Refund and cancellation policies

No matter what your refund policy is – even if it is that you don't offer refunds – it must be present on your website. As a minimum, your refund/cancellation policy should detail:

  • whether or not you provide refunds
  • what conditions must be met to be eligible for a refund
  • whether there are any fees associated with refunds or cancellations.

Privacy policy

Your privacy policy can be simple, but it must include the following.

  • What information you collect from your customers
  • What you do with that information

Terms and conditions of service

This type of agreement typically includes sections that address the following.

  • Disambiguation/definition of key terms and phrases
  • User rights and responsibilities
  • Proper or expected usage; potential misuse
  • Accountability for online actions, behaviour and conduct
  • The use of personal data
  • Payment details such as membership or subscription fees
  • Opt-out policy describing the procedure for account termination (if available)
  • Disclaimer/limitation of liability clarifying the site's legal liability for damages incurred by users
  • Whether users will be notified upon modification of terms

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