Accounting and Auditing in Hong Kong

Accounting & Auditing in Hong Kong

Bookkeeping and Accounting services

  • Prepare Company’s financial statements
  • Statement of Financial Position, Income Statement, General Ledger and Cash Flow
  • All accounting information is processed with professional accounting software
  • Clear and well-organized accounts information
  • Effective financial management
  • Accounting fee is calculated based on the number of transactions

Hong Kong Accounting Fee

Amount(Transactions) Fee
Below 30 US$ 370
30 to 59 US$ 420
60 to 99 US$ 480
100 to 119 US$ 510
120 to 199 US$ 630
200 to 249 US$ 830
250 to 349 US$ 1,120
350 to 449 US$ 1,510
450 and Above To be confirmed

Auditing Services

Statutory Audit

  • Perform annual audits complying with Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards (HKFRSs) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)
  • Professional services Firm that stands ahead of its competitors in anticipating future developments
  • Be assured of a top Hong Kong CPA firm undertaking the audit
  • Timely & effectively to make a business decision
  • Highlight potential issues along with solutions
  • Have a peace of mind to remain in 'good standing' with local government and banks
  • Audited accounts are more precise and legitimate
  • Enhance the recognition of the company’s account
  • Auditing fee is calculated based on revenue of your Hong Kong company

Hong Kong Auditing fee

Auditing fee is calculated based on the revenue of your Hong Kong company in a reporting period

Turnover (Million HKD) US$ Estimated Equivalent (*) Fee
Below 0.5 M Below 64,500 US$ 939
0.5 M to 0.74 M 64,500 to 95,999 US$ 1,070
0.75 M to 0.99 M 96,000 to 127,999 US$ 1,280
1 M to  1.49 M 128,000 to 191,999 US$ 1,650
1.5 M to 1.99 M 192,000 to 255,999 US$ 1,810
2 M to 2.99 M 256,000 to 383,999 US$ 2,050
3 M to 3.99 M 384,000 to 511,999 US$ 2,420
4 M to 4.99 M 512,000 to 640,999 US$ 3,450


1. When do I submit my first audit report to IRD?
If you have formed a HK company, you’ll receive your first Profit Tax Return (PTR) in 18 months after the date of incorporation. Thus you’ll need to well prepare your accounting records and submit your first audit report together with the completed tax return to the IRD.
2. What expenses could be deductible from Assessible Profits?
Generally, all outgoings and expenses, to the extent to which they have been incurred by the taxpayer in the production of chargeable profits, are allowed as deductions.
3. Do I need to audit the accounts if my Hong Kong company is inactive or the turnover is small?
The requirement to audit the accounts of the company is set down by the Companies Ordinance. The Ordinance does not provide any conditions under which no audit is required.


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