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Vanuatu company registration

Vanuatu International Company (IC)

  • - Offering a high level of privacy and confidentiality
  • - Exempt from paying taxes in the country for over twenty years
  • - Ease of administration – no requirement to file financial accounts
  • - Minimum ongoing compliance requirements
  • - A stable and independent political and economic environment

Perfect for starting a business in Vanuatu:

Asset Protection Company
Asset Protection Company
Holding Company
Holding Company
International Trading
International Trading
International Investments
International Investments

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4 simple steps of starting a business in Vanuatu


1. Preparation

Request free company name search We check the eligibility of the name, and make suggestion if neccessry


2. Filling

  • Register or login and fill in the company names and director/ shareholder(s).
  • Fill in shipping, company address or special request (if any).

3. Payment

Choose your payment method (We accept payment by Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer).


4. Delivery

  • You will receive soft copies of necessary documents including: Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, etc. Then, your new company in a jurisdiction is ready to do business!
  • You can bring the documents in company kit to open corporate bank account or we can help you with our long experience of Banking support service.
Required documents for Vanuatu company registration
  • Copy of Notarized Passport
  • Copy of Notarized Address Proof
  • English CV/ Resume
  • English Bank reference/ reference letter from an attorney or a qualified accountant

Attractive Cost For Vanuatu company registration


US$ 1,319 Service Fees

Vanuatu Company Services Fees

  • Done within 5 working days
  • 100% successful rate
  • Fast, easy & highest confidential via secured systems
  • Dedicated support (24/7)
  • Just Order, We Do All For You


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Register Vanuatu company with the main characteristics

International Company (BC)

General Information
Type of Business Entity IC
Corporate Income Tax Nil
British Based Legal System Yes
Double Tax Treaty Access No
Incorporation Time Frame (Approx., days) 5
Corporate Requirements
Minimum Number of Shareholders 1
Minimum Number of Directors 1
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Standard Authorized Capital/Shares 10,000 USD
Local Requirements
Registered Office/ Registered Agent Yes
Company Secretary Yes
Local Meetings Anywhere
Local Directors / Shareholders No
Publicly Accessible Records No
Annual Requirements
Annual Return No
Audited Accounts No
Incorporation Fees
Our Service Fee (1st year) US$ 1,715.00
Government fee & Service charged US$ 900.00
Annual Renewal Fees
Our Service Fee (year 2+) US$ 1,585.00
Government fee & Service charged US$ 900.00

Scope of Services

International Company (BC)

1. Company Formation Service Fee

Services and Documents Provided Status
Documents Preparation Yes
Certificate of Incorporation Yes
Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) Yes
Appointing the First Director Yes
Register of Directors Yes
Letter(s) of Consent to act as Director; Yes
Register of Shareholder Yes
Share Certificates Yes
1-year Secretarial Service Yes
Courier Company kit to Shareholder residential address Yes

2. Government Fee

The person who wants to incorporate a new company in Vanuatu has to pay Offshore Company Corp the Vanuatu Government fee.

Services and Documents Provided Status
Submission of application to the Registrar of Companies Yes
Payment for Government Fee required Yes
Registered Office Yes
Registered local Agent with Government and fee related Yes

Download forms - Register Vanuatu company

1. Application Formation Form

Description QR Code Download
Application for Limited Company
PDF | 1.41 MB | Updated time: 06 May, 2024, 16:50 (UTC+08:00)

Application form for Limited Company processing

Application for Limited Company Download
Application Formation Form LLP LLC
PDF | 2.00 MB | Updated time: 06 May, 2024, 16:57 (UTC+08:00)

Application Formation Form LLP LLC

Application Formation Form LLP LLC Download

2. Business Plan Form

Description QR Code Download
Business Plan Form
PDF | 654.81 kB | Updated time: 06 May, 2024, 16:59 (UTC+08:00)

Business Plan Form for Company Incorporation

Business Plan Form Download

3. Rate card

Description QR Code Download
Vanuatu IC Rate card
PDF | 545.73 kB | Updated time: 07 May, 2024, 12:12 (UTC+08:00)

Basic Features and Standard price for Vanuatu IC Incorporation

Vanuatu IC Rate card Download

4. Company Profile

Description QR Code Download
Company Profile
PDF | 3.45 MB | Updated time: 08 May, 2024, 09:19 (UTC+08:00)

Discover our company profile to gain a deeper understanding of who we are

Company Profile Download

5. Sample Documents

Description QR Code Download
Certificate of Incorporation Vanuatu Sample
PDF | 5.07 MB | Updated time: 22 Nov, 2018, 11:27 (UTC+08:00)
Certificate of Incorporation Vanuatu Sample Download

Company Formation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Register Vanuatu company

1. Is my physical presence required to Formation Vanuatu Company?
No, To Incorporation Vanuatu you do not requires to visit
2. Do I need Address in Vanuatu to open company and apply bank account?

You need registered office and a postal address for your company. The registered office address of the company where company records are kept, and where certain records may be viewed by shareholders; this must be a physical address – it cannot be a PO Box or Private Bag address. Our Incorporation fee including registered address for your company.

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3. Do I need renewal (Annual Returns) to Vanuatu Company Registry

Every year Vanuatu companies must submit an annual return.

If you do not submit an annual return on time you will have to pay late fees. If you fail to submit an annual return for 6 months, your company will be removed from the register.

There are no annual return filing dates in December or January due to the holiday season.

  • If your company incorporated in December, then the annual return filing date will be November.
  • If your company incorporated in January, your filing date will be in February.

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4. With Vanuatu company, I (Shareholders, Directors) in formation is Disclose or not?
No, Vanuatu offshore company Not Disclosed information of Shareholders or Directors.
5. What is advantages of Vanuatu offshore company?

The advantages of Vanuatu offshore company:

  • Vanuatu IBCs are tax exempt
  • Domestic taxation is not payable on the net chargeable profits of Exempt and International Companies
  • Vanuatu does not have party in any double taxation treaty with another country
  • It is not required to hold annual general meetings
  • There is no need to file annual returns
  • The international companies may name natural or legal person as directors, and may be of any nationality
  • There are no exchange controls in Vanuatu

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