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Registry Singapore Business License Application and Permit Services

Singapore Business License fees


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Depending on the type of business of your Singapore company or even company name only, it is sometimes necessary to obtain a license and/or approval when you register your business with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). ACRA’s automated system will indicate if another approving authority is required to grant a business license or permit during the application for name approval.

Although most companies do not require business licenses or permits to operate, there are a handful that do as they are regulated by the approving authorities.

Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS) Companies with names and activities concerning “Accountancy”, “Accounting”, “Audit”, “Tax”, “GST”, or derivatives thereof are to obtain approval from ICPAS.
Ministry of Health (MOH) The terms “Clinic”, “Medical”, “Medical Hall”, etc and not to be used by Chinese Physicians. But applicants may use “Chinese Medical Hall” or “Traditional Medical Hall”. The name must make it clear that the applicant is dealing in traditional, not modern medicine. “National”, “Singapore” word combination not allowed for private/public limited company in this situation
Ministry of Education   (MOE, Private Schools Section) Establishments that will function as a “school” / “learning centre” / “education centre” / “training centre”, excluding those offering instruction of a “non-academic” nature, e.g. beauty care, dressmaking, cooking, sports, games, driving, recreation-related, etc.Names containing references to “Academy”, “College”, “Institute”,”Institution”, “University”; and “National”, “Singapore”, will normally be disallowed.
Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Applications to be referred to MAS if the proposed BUSINESS/ COMPANY NAMES contain the following words:
  • A) “Bank” and its derivatives; (Examples of derivatives of word “Bank” would include “banking”, “banque”, “banco”, “Bancaire”, “Banca” and “Banche”)
  • B) “Finance Company” and “Finance”;C) “Futures Exchange”, “Clearing House” and “Securities Exchange” or titles that resemble these titles or give the impression that the applicant is a securities or futures exchange or clearing house; (Examples of titles, which resemble “Futures Exchange”, “Clearing House” and “Securities Exchange”, would include “SGX”, “stock exchange”, and “clearing corporation” and “clearing organisation”)
  • C) ”Futures”, “Futures Broker”, “Futures Trading Adviser”, “Futures Pool Operator”, “Securities”, “Stockbroker”, “Fund manager”, “Fund management“, “Asset management”, “Venture management”, “Insurance” or names which resemble these titles; “Financial”, “Financing”, “Financial Adviser”, “Insurance Broker”, “Reinsurance Broker”, “Assurance”, “Reinsurance”, “Reassurance”, “Insure”, “Insuring”, “Insuritz”.
Applications to be referred to MAS if the business/ company is involved or engage in the following Activities SSIC Codes: 6512, 6513, 6514, 6515, 65923, 65991 This would include businesses/ companies, which conduct banking business, merchant banking, finance company business and credit and charge card operations.MAS will consider the applications and will, if necessary, liaise directly with the applicants on any information MAS may need concerning the applicants and their proposed business.
Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Names to do with “Merlion”, “eMerlion” and activities to do with “Tourist”, “Travel”. Businesses and companies wishing to carry out tourism related activities could register for their license with the Singapore Travel Exchange of the STB.
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) Proposed companies and businesses which state “Real Estate Agent” or “Real Estate Agency” as one of the proposed activities, and applications for change of name by companies and businesses already carrying on real estate agency activities.
International Enterprise Singapore(IE Singapore) Names and activities to do with Physical Rubber, Rubber futures, Commodity futures e.g. “Rubber trading”, “Rubber futures”, “Commodity brokers”, “Commodity Futures Exchange”, “Commodity / Commodities Exchange”, “Futures brokers”, “Futures Exchange”, “Commodity Futures”, “Clearing Exchange/House/House Exchange”.
Majlis Ugama Islam of Singapore (MUIS) Names and activities to do with “Islam”, “Muslim” or its derivatives. Names containing the following words will be rejected:”Halal”, “Islam”, “Islamic”, “Muslim”, “Muslimah”, “Muslimin”, “Allah”, “Illahi”, “Illahiyah”.
Board of Architects (BCA) For companies with names or activities concerning “Architectural” or “Architect”.
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