Key Features of a Belize IBC

Updated time: 08 Jan, 2019, 11:28 (UTC+08:00)
  • Confidential structure, no filing requirements with the authorities
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association are the only documents to be held on the public record
  • The names of the shareholders and directors for offshore Belize are not a part of the public record
  • Belize IBCs are permitted to open offshore bank accounts
  • No annual public disclosure of directors or shareholders is required
  • No requirement for an Annual General Meeting to be held in Belize
  • Exempt from the payment of local taxes
  • Low cost incorporation
  • A registered agent and a registered office are required
  • Shares may be issued with or without par value and in any currency
  • No statutory accounting or audit records need be kept or filed in Belize
  • Annual Government fee is only $150 when the authorised share capital is $50,000 or less
  • an IBC is exemption from tax in Belize
  • The Belize IBC cannot derive any income from activities in Belize

Key Features of a Belize IBC

A Belize IBC is not subject to exchange control regulations, however, all profit earning activities must be conducted outside Belize.

  • No minimum capital requirement
  • No requirement for audited accounts
  • No need for annual returns
  • No requirements for a local director or secretary
  • No requirement for an Annual General Meeting

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