What are the minimum requirements for setting up a UK Private Limited Company?

Updated time: Dec 28, 2015 , 17:27 (UTC+08:00)

Basic UK Private Limited Company (LTD) must include at least:

  • one Director (individual)
  • one Shareholder (individual or corporate)
  • Registered Office Address in UK (PO box is not allowed)

OffshoreComapnyCorp will provide Registered Office Address and Secretarial Services. OffshoreComapnyCorp can also provide individual Nominee Director and individual Nominee Shareholder if needed to protect your privacy.

There is no prescribed minimum share capital. Usual amount of shares UK Government will issue is 1,000 of GBP1.00 each inclusive.

At last, the minimum requirement to form a UK Private Limited Company (LTD) is one Shareholder/Director who can be the same person.

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