Securities Dealers License In Vanuatu

The Vanuatu FX Securities Dealers License enables you to become fast a regulated FX & Securities dealer and also enables your client base direct access to all your products and services. Services that may be offered/rendered by you as a regulated FX & Securities dealer might be: Forex Services; Asset Management Services; Bonds; Certificates of Deposit and various other products & services.

Types Of Licence

You can apply for a Principal’s license or a Representative’s license and basically requires to provide a set of basic information for the applicant. Both Licenses are being granted by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) under the Vanuatu Ministry of Finance auspices. Basically, the Act has two functions: (a) firstly to regulate issuance of the license of Securities Dealer and (b) secondly to impose penalties for physical persons or bodies corporate dealing in securities without a permission, or fraudulently inducing other parties to invest monies into securities.

The legal regulations of Vanuatu give a broad definition of Securities, hence allowing to operate with:

Benefits Of Securities Dealers Licence In Vanuatu

You can benefit from this license because it permits the holder to manage the portfolio of investments and to operate with securities (sell and buy) for the client or even on his behalf with all above of products/Services.


Procedure & Timeline

Stage Preparation, Less than 1 weeks

Stage 1 – Application, from 2 to 3 WEEKS

Offshore Company Corp services to get your license of Vanuatu FX Securities Dealers License in Vanuatu is 8,900 US$. Contac us for more detail.

Set up company in Vanuatu


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