Nominee Director/Shareholder For UAE Company | From US$ 399

Nominee Director and Shareholder Service Fees


US$ 399 Service Fees


US$ 499 Service Fees
  • Complete local regulatory requirements 
  • High level of wealth protection 
  • Securing your identification of the business enterprise’s files and with the government’ report.
  • Preserving your information within your corporation structure and the authorities.
  • Through Power of Attorney (POA) and Declaration of Trust (DOT), you can completely manage of your enterprise

Find a reliable partner – a resident of the UAE


In order to open a company in the UAE, you have to find a local partner – a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, who will nominally be a co-owner of the business. Usually such partner is simply referred to as “local”.

Your relations with the “local” will be regulated by a Memorandum of Association that has to be signed and attested in the Court. Usually locals do not interfere into your business affairs. Their responsibility is to represent your company in sych governmental bodies as Ministry of Labour and General Directorate of Residency and Foreighers Affairs (simply knows as “Immigration”).

However, if you do not want your local to take even that responsibility, you may require a Power of Attorney from him, that will enable you to carry out all the relations with these Authorities.

Needless to say, you should be careful when choosing a local. For example, if he is sponsoring many companies, and some problems arise in one of them, all of the companies under his sponsorship may be blosked, causing delays and troubles in your business.

Set up company in United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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Partnership & Intermediaries

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