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I-Gaming License services in Malta

I-gaming Malta

As the first jurisdiction in the EU that introduced regulated remote gaming, with an average of a hundred new applications a year and being the largest EU i-gaming jurisdiction, Malta’s success in the i-gaming arena is undisputed.

Malta’s strategy in i-gaming has been bold and unique. The legislator decided to focus on regulation and transparency, providing a strict approach to licensing and monitoring of gaming operations. This has resulted in optimum protection for players on the one hand, to providing a regulatory solution to operators on the other, thereby achieving a balance between two opposing needs: the supplier’s and the customer’s.

Malta’s main advantage is the fact that it is an onshore jurisdiction. Maltese operators do not face the difficulties that offshore operators face with exchange controls, access to capital markets and access to e-wallets and payment gateways worldwide. In the case of Malta i-gaming licensees, players find comfort in knowing that they are dealing with an onshore jurisdiction whose legislation is in line with the applicable EU legislation and international agreements.

Malta has always remained at the forefront of advances in technologies which affect the gaming sector. In 2017, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) together with the stakeholders of the gaming industry embarked upon a mission to make gaming legislation future-proof and thus ensuring that the gaming laws would be kept up to speed with emerging and disruptive technologies such as virtual currencies and distributed ledger technologies.

Legal Basis

All gambling activities in Malta are regulated by the Gaming Act of 2018 which grants power to the Malta Gaming Authority to issue licenses for both land-based and remote gambling activities. The Act consolidated all previous laws and regulations and provided for an overhaul in the licensing system reducing the various classification of licences to two : Business-To-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B).

Types Of Licence

B2C (Business-to-consumer)

Also referred to as a Gaming Service Licence and include offering, providing or operating games whereby players may participate; or hosting in premises available to the public, operating or otherwise making available in any manner the use of gaming devices or gaming systems.

B2B (Business-to-business)

Also referred to as a Critical Gaming License and includes operators hosting and managing other gaming operators, that is, platforms.

Game Types

Benefits Of Setting Up An Igaming Company In Malta

I-Gaming license requirements

Malta gaming license cost

For B2C licences the following is payable: a fixed annual licence fee of €25,000; and a variable compliance contribution being a scaled percentage of the gaming revenue as follows:

B2C Type 1 B2C Type 2
first €3,000,000 - 1.25% first €3,000,000 - 4%
next €4,500,000 - 1% next €4,500,000 - 3%
next €5,000,000 - 0.85% next €5,000,000 - 2%
next €7,500,000 - 0.7% next €7,500,000 - 1%
next €10,000,000 - 0.55% next €10,000,000 - 0.8%
next €10,000,000 - 0.55% next €10,000,000 - 0.6%
remainder - 0.4% remainder - 0.4%
B2C Type 3 B2C Type 4*
first €2,000,000 - 4% first €2,000,000 – 0.5%
next €3,000,000 - 3% next €3,000,000 – 0.75%
next €5,000,000 - 2% next €5,000,000 – 1.00%
next €5,000,000 - 1% next €5,000,000 – 1.25%
next €5,000,000 - 0.8% next €5,000,000 - 1.5%
next €10,000,000 - 0.6% next €10,000,000 – 1.75%
remainder - 0.4% remainder - 2%

Procedure & Timeline

Stage Preparation, Less than 4 weeks

Collation of due diligence documentation and preparation of gaming application documents.

Stage 1
Application, From 6 To 10 Weeks

Application, From 6 To 10 Weeks

  • Offshore Company and you will preparation some documents as bellow
  • Due diligence on directors of the prospective gaming company and shareholders having 5% or more interest
  • Business Adequacy: including, Business plan, 3-year financial projections
  • Operational & Statutory: including Company formation, Website text and content, Relations with service providers, Technical documentation of your gamming system and System/operations control procedures.
  • Evaluation of application documents by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).
Stage 2
Systems Audit, Less Than 8 Weeks

Systems Audit, Less Than 8 Weeks

  • Implementation and systems audit, to be completed within 8 weeks from go-ahead.
  • Go-ahead by MGA to implement the proposed infrastructure prior to going live
Stage 3
Post-licensing Requirements & Golive Your Business

Post-licensing Requirements & Golive Your Business

  • Go live within 60 days from licence.
  • Compliance audit with first year of operation

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