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Investment opportunities in Belize that businesses may have missed

Updated time: 28 Apr, 2022, 22:26 (UTC+08:00)

Belize is widely known as the ideal destination for international investors. In this article, we will give you a better understanding of the potential and investment opportunities in Belize.

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Strategic location for offshore investment companies

Belize is the doorway between Central America and the Caribbean. It shares borders with Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south and west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Because of its tremendous biodiversity and terrain, Belize is constantly at the top of the list of perfect locations to vacation. Most hotels and resorts in Belize provide high-end and luxury trips to the famed islands off the coast for the world's elite and super-rich.

Because of its strategic position, Belize provides an excellent investment opportunitíe for trading services and tourist organizations wishing to grow their businesses. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, it also offers a sustainable atmosphere to promote products and services whose values are sourced from nature.

Belize, the most convenient gateway to Central America and the Caribbeans.

Belize, the most convenient gateway to Central America and the Caribbeans.

A business-friendly environment for offshore investment companies

Investment companies in Belize can benefit from its progressive development policies, pro-business investment atmosphere, and long-term democratic stability. The Belizean government is completely dedicated to supporting the country's suitably geared growth model while preserving the country's character and fostering investor confidence. As a result, the Belizean government continues to approve several of the investment-related incentives in order to reinforce the country's business-friendly reputation.

Despite the fact that the COVID-19 epidemic and accompanying containment efforts have had an impact on world commerce, Belize has achieved exceptional progress in trading. Belize's overall import and export value in the last three months of 2021 remained more than 303 million USD and 50 million USD, respectively. When compared to the rest of the Caribbean, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) ranks Belize third in terms of return on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) at 9%.

Priority sectors in Belize include:

  • Travel and Medical Tourism
  • Agricultural product trading and processing
  • Fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Environmentally friendly energy.
  • Outsourcing to other countries.
  • Logistics and Light Manufacturing.

Furthermore, three crucial elements sought for by worldwide investors are available in Belize:

  • Stability: based on democratic traditions and an independent judiciary.
  • Profitability: achieved by favorable incentives and rules for foreign firms, free trade zones, and export processing zones.
  • Subtropical climate, pristine forests, unspoilt beaches, and pleasant people make this place a good place to live.

Favorable tax structure for investment companies in Belize

Natural riches, development initiatives, and pro-business atmosphere make Belize an attractive place for investors eager to set up investment companies. The government of Belize is acknowledged by investors for its commitment to support and completely provide circumstances, regulations, and institutions to continue to promote the development model of offshore investment companies. Furthermore, Belize has a business-friendly tax framework with a low corporate tax rate that makes your business lucrative. Some of the most fundamental taxes in Belize are shown below:

  • Business tax: Businesses, corporations, and self-employed individuals who earn more than BZ$75,000 per year must pay business tax. Rates differ depending on the type of business. Monthly business taxes are paid to the Income Tax Department.
  • Income Tax: Income tax is levied at a rate of 25% on taxable income for all working Belizeans earning more than BZ $26,000 per year. Those earning less than this amount are tax-free. The minimum salary is BZ $25,600. This tax, commonly known as the PAYE tax, applies exclusively to employee earnings and is not considered a cost to be borne by the employer or firm.
  • Property tax: In each county, property taxes are levied and managed by the City Council and Town Board. The property tax rate in the City of Belmopan is set at 2% of the assessed value, whereas Belize City Council utilizes a rate of 2.5% of the assessed value.

Belize has a business-friendly tax framework with a low corporation tax rate

Belize has a business-friendly tax framework with a low corporation tax rate

Offshore investment companies’ exclusive incentives

Many incentives and investment opportunities in Belize are offered to foreign investors. They give investors a legal framework in which to engage in economic operations and grow more quickly. More precisely, legitimate investors who wish to create a business in Belize would gain much more if their investment application is approved by the Belizean government. When reviewing investment proposals, the Belizean government will often focus on the following criteria:

  • The investment must be financially, socially, and legally sound
  • The investment bring in income for the government
  • The investment provide employment for the country's workers
  • The investment bring foreign currency
  • The investment respect the environment and Belize's cultural heritage

The following are the most important government incentive programs and routes that are currently in place:

  • Fiscal Incentive Program
  • Designated Processing Areas
  • Commercial free zones
  • Gaming Control Program
  • Qualified Retired Persons Program
  • Diaspora Retiree Incentive Program

Take advantage of investment opportunities in Belize with One IBC

Even though the incorporation procedure is simple, starting offshore investment companies as foreigners does need some local, specialist expertise. As a result, you should select a company formation agency that can provide you with guidance and help along the road, taking you through each stage and ensuring that your business complies with local traditions and rules.

When establishing offshore investment companies with One IBC, all you need to do is provide basic information about your company, and One IBC will do the rest. We will notify you when your Belize company is ready.

Furthermore, in addition to the above-mentioned economic benefits from this nation, One IBC will assist you with:

  • All business reports
  • Asset preservation as a result of anti-foreclosure laws
  • Quick and simple procedure
  • Personal information privacy

For more information about offshore investment companies and investment opportunities in Belize, please contact us.


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