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Digital Service Act-DSA (EU)

Updated time: 05 Jun, 2024, 17:57 (UTC+08:00)

We recognize the importance of providing users of our platform with easy access to information regarding the EU Digital Services Act (DSA) and our obligations pursuant to it. This page covers the areas of Transparency Reporting, Publication Of Monthly Average User Numbers, Intellectual Property Privacy & Confidential Data, and Others terms related to our obligations under the DSA.


We will publish a transparency report at the earliest opportunity. This report will detail our adherence to DSA requirements, offering a comprehensive overview of our content moderation practices over the reporting period. It will include statistics on the amount and types of content removed from our platform, as well as information about removal requests from both public authorities and users.


Monthly average user number is based on the current data available to and the limited guidance provided in the DSA. It is published as required by the DSA and should not be used for other purposes. Estimating average monthly recipients as defined in the DSA involves significant judgment, design inputs, and is affected by data limitations, statistical variances, and uncertainties. As improves its approach and in response to new methodologies published by the European Commission, this estimate may be adjusted accordingly. Detailed data is available upon request.

* ‘Recipient of service’ is defined under the DSA to mean ‘any natural or legal person who uses an intermediary service, in particular for the purposes of seeking information and making it accessible’. This requires counting users to whom information was displayed by the service, even if that user did not make a transaction.


We focus on delivering a platform teeming with genuine consulting experiences, ideal for an international client network. If you ever come across illegal content on our platform, please let us know. Your feedback is crucial in ensuring a secure environment for everyone.

To report any content you think might be illegal, simply follow the link to our reporting form.


Our Legal Representative is UAB One IBC. Please direct any communication to [email protected], or at:

  • One IBC UAB - A member of One IBC® Group
  • Lvovo str. 25, Mazoji bure, 15th floor, LT-09320, Vilnius, Lithuania

Be advised that we will only respond to inquiries about the Digital Services Act (EU). For any other questions, please contact our Customer Support Team by submitting this form.

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