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Best investment options in Europe and How to invest in Europe?

Updated time: 23 Oct, 2021, 12:40 (UTC+08:00)

Today, many international investors agree that Europe is ideal for a sustainable business. Formerly known as the “Old Continent”, Europe is widely considered one of the best investment options for those who are looking for a new overseas business opportunity.

In this article, we will deliver an overview about the European economy and how to get started doing business in Europe.

New business opportunities in the “Old Continent” for offshore companies

New business opportunities in the “Old Continent” for offshore companies

Is Europe a good investment?

Europe, second smallest of the world’s continents, however is the second wealthiest and second largest economy in the world, only to the United States.

From the beginning of the 19th century, the science and technology achievements that Europe brought to the world had made Europe the cradle of modern science and the industrial revolution. The European Union (EU) is considered one of the largest economic unions in the world, having the biggest influence globally. Therefore, this market is highly focused by many large corporations and organizations.

Despite being the "Old Continent", Europe still offers a lot of new opportunities for startups from around the world. In addition to its economic potential, Europe also has the advantage of a highly skilled workforce and beautiful natural scenery.

Moreover, when setting up foreign companies in EU countries, businesses can enjoy certain benefits. The Schengen Area is the ideal place to live and work in Europe for foreigners. Therefore, Europe is undoubtedly a good investment for international business companies.

What are the best investment options in Europe?

Financial services

Financial sector is one of the best investment options in Europe. Prominent countries in Europe in this sector include the UK with the financial center of London, and Switzerland - a country famous for its high-security banks.

In Europe, the SEPA payment method (aka Single Euro Payments Area) allows you to make cashless payments in EUR to any bank account in Europe. This makes transactions in Europe cheaper, faster and safer.

One IBC provides corporate services, including offshore financial consultancy

One IBC provides corporate services, including offshore financial consultancy


Setting up technology companies is also one of the best investment options in Europe. The widespread adoption of technology in daily life has resulted in the increase of technology and digitalization investment "in order to make digital infrastructure fit for the modern world".

The world is renovating, the demand for applying technology to optimize business efficiency is on the rise. Thus, it is a very potential area for startups in Europe.

Imports and Exports

Europe is a huge market for import-export companies. Many businesses have set up their headquarters in Europe to enjoy the benefits of free trade agreements with other countries.

The European market also has high standards for its goods and services provided to customers. Forming logistics or forwarding companies is undoubtedly the top choice of best investment in Europe for foreigners.


After nearly 2 years being affected by the Covid-19, EU countries are starting to reopen and use the EU Digital COVID Certificate to facilitate free movement within the EU. The “Old Continent” is famous not only for its temperate weather, antique buildings and unique outdoor cafeterias, but also for its many breathtaking natural landscapes.

The beautiful scenery of Europe's nature makes visitors overwhelmed and want to pack their bags to travel immediately. Having just a Schengen passport, you can easily travel to more than 25 EU countries. Tourism is among the best investment options in Europe after Covid-19 is suppressed.

Young business group is looking for the best investment options in Europe

Young business group is looking for the best investment options in Europe

How to invest in Europe?

First thing you need to do is to search for your business opportunity. You can find this through your interests, your friends or family, or elsewhere then look up on the Internet what you need to know to start a business. The easiest way to start learning how to invest in Europe is to contact a corporate service consultant like One IBC.

As you may know, basic steps to get started in doing business are setting up a company, registering for a trademark in Europe, filing financial statements, renting an office, opening a corporate bank account, hiring employees, etc. We have solid experience in providing offshore services and can guide you through the complicated process to enter the European market.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our Hotline +65 6591 9991 or email [email protected] to get precious advice from our dedicated experts.

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