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Vanuatu Company Formation Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Is my physical presence required to Formation Vanuatu Company?
No, To Incorporation Vanuatu you do not requires to visit
2. Do I need Address in Vanuatu to open company and apply bank account?

You need registered office and a postal address for your company. The registered office address of the company where company records are kept, and where certain records may be viewed by shareholders; this must be a physical address – it cannot be a PO Box or Private Bag address. Our Incorporation fee including registered address for your company.

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3. Do I need renewal (Annual Returns) to Vanuatu Company Registry

Every year Vanuatu companies must submit an annual return.

If you do not submit an annual return on time you will have to pay late fees. If you fail to submit an annual return for 6 months, your company will be removed from the register.

There are no annual return filing dates in December or January due to the holiday season.

  • If your company incorporated in December, then the annual return filing date will be November.
  • If your company incorporated in January, your filing date will be in February.

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4. With Vanuatu company, I (Shareholders, Directors) in formation is Disclose or not?
No, Vanuatu offshore company Not Disclosed information of Shareholders or Directors.
5. What is advantages of Vanuatu offshore company?

The advantages of Vanuatu offshore company:

  • Vanuatu IBCs are tax exempt
  • Domestic taxation is not payable on the net chargeable profits of Exempt and International Companies
  • Vanuatu does not have party in any double taxation treaty with another country
  • It is not required to hold annual general meetings
  • There is no need to file annual returns
  • The international companies may name natural or legal person as directors, and may be of any nationality
  • There are no exchange controls in Vanuatu

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