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Why incorporate in Marshall Islands?

Updated time: 08 Jan, 2019, 11:51 (UTC+08:00)

Marshall Islands is a country in Oceania, located midway between Indonesia and Hawaii. The common languages here are Marshallese and English which is used in business and legislation. It’s considered as a high attractive jurisdiction due to its number of great advantages and benefits, which offers a lot of business opportunities for offshore company’s development. This is a modern and stable corporate jurisdiction that provides the flexibility, the confidentiality and trustworthy; for international companies.

Why incorporate in Marshall Islands?

Certain countries such as Marshall Islands approves for the incorporation of foreign companies to enjoy zero tax, no paid up capital requirement and permits not have mandatory for annual filings, reporting responsibilities. This will help you to save money not only from no corporate tax system, but also from decreased compliance and other regulatory costs.;

In addition, Marshall Islands has the highest Level of Confidentiality by offering no public register which also means no disclosure of details of the company’s beneficial owners, shareholders and directors to the public record.; Nominee directors and shareholders can be appointed for Marshall Islands incorporation in order to remaining the anonymous of the actual ones.

One more thing you need to be informed regarding Marshall Islands is that the standard authorised share capital is 500 shares without par value or a capital with par value of up to US$ 50,000. The authorised share capital may be in any currency. The minimum issued share capital is either one share without par value or one share with par value.

After approximately 6 working days, you will have your own Marshall Islands offshore company to start the business.

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