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Why Incorporate in Vanuatu

Updated time: 09 Jan, 2019, 17:58 (UTC+08:00)

Vanuatu is one of the few countries that, so far, did not sign and did not express any expected date to sign the AEOI – Automatic Exchange Of Information. That why incorporate company in Vanuatu?

Why Incorporate in Vanuatu

May carry on business anywhere in the world except Vanuatu

May carry on any business pursuant to Vanuatu International Companies Act Cap.222 except to the limitation of the jurisdiction the business is carried, e.g. banking, insurance

Director and shareholder may be natural person or corporate entity, (1) no specific requirement on residence or citizenship, (2) minimum number is 1, (3) sole director may also be the sole shareholder

Director meeting and shareholder meeting may be held anywhere

Meetings via telephone, facsimile, conference calls, electronic means are acceptable

May not require an authorized capital

Government fee is fixed disregard the amount of capital

Limited by shares or guarantee or both

Bearer shares are allowed but shares can only be held by an authorized custodian not by the owner

No audit on financial statements

No annual returns, filing required

Except the constitution filed with the Commission Registry, the company’s statutory registers will be maintained only with the registered agent

No need to file with governmental authorities in respect of company structure

Company search not entertained unless authorized by the international company

High level of privacy and confidentiality

At present, Vanuatu has not signed any international treaties on Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) with PRC, HK S.A.R. and Macau S.A.R.

No formal channel on tax information exchange

Government has not shown intention to enter into such agreement to maintain the high level of tax privacy of the international companies

Vanuatu is currently on the “White list” of the OECD as Vanuatu has met substantially implemented internationally agreed-upon tax standards

“White list” of the OECD means Vanuatu is not on the “Black list” of world money laundry nations.

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