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British Virgin Islands Business Company Registration (BVI BC)

Updated time: 31 Jul, 2019, 10:22 (UTC+08:00)

The British Virgin Islands has a strong offshore regulatory environment. They have a distinct combination of oversight and a laissez-faire approach which makes it both easy to do business – yet reputable with banks and other jurisdictions around the world which makes it very simple and easy to bank and do business with a BVI offshore company with many benefits.

British Virgin Islands Business Company (BVI BC)

BVI BC is commonly used vehicles for offshore savings and investments, international corporate banking, forex and stock trading, e-commerce and internet businesses, international trade and professional services as well as a holding company, ship and aircraft registration, captive insurance, and estate planning.

Most BVI business company is used as asset protection vehicles, very often in combination with a Trust as a holding company. The directors of the BVI BC may protect the assets by transferring its assets to another company, Trust, Foundation, Association or Partnership. The Directors can also merge or consolidate with any other company or can re-domicile the BC to another jurisdiction entirely.

British Virgin Islands Business Companies are exempt from local taxes and stamp duty, even if they are administered in the BVI.

Corporate maintenance of BVI companies is simple: no annual meeting requirements, no financial statements, annual return filing and no yearly audits.

Furthermore, only one shareholder and director is required, who can be the same person, and there is no minimum paid in capital.

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