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Belize Company Formation Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Time frame and quotation of the incorporation process?

The incorporation process takes only 1-2 days since we receive all required documents and payment from your side.

What is the Requirement for the Incorporation Process?

The requirement is simple. You just need to submit 2 types of documents:

  • Scan in Color of Passport
  • Scan of Address Proof in English (Utility Bill, Bank Statement,...)

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2. What is the cost of registering an IBC company in Belize?

The fee for the registration of an IBC having an authorized share capital up to US$1,000,000 is US$ 709 our professional service fee and Government fee plus US$ 550. Total US$ 1,259.

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3. What happens if I don't pay the annual IBC renewal fees?

Non-payment of annual renewal fees will make the offshore company lose its status of good standing, the company will also incur severe late penalties and legal consequences.

At any time after the due-date of the Government fees, the Registrar of Companies is entitled to strike-off the company from the Registry for non-payment of fees, after giving the Company a 30-day notice.

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4. Belize Offshore Company Formation - How it works?

How to open company in Belize?

Step 1 Belize Offshore Company Formation, initially Our Relationship Managers team will ask you have to provide the detailed information of the Shareholder/Director's names and information. You can select level of services you need, normal with 2 working days or a working day in urgent case. Furthermore, give the proposal company names so that we can check the eligibility of company name in the Registrar of International Business Companies system.

Step 2 You settle the payment for Our Service fee and official Belize Government Fee required. We accept payment by Credit/Debit Card Visa Visa Discover American , Paypal Paypal or Wire Transfer to our HSBC bank account HSBC bank account (Payment Guidelines).

Step 3 After collecting full information from you, Offshore Company Corp will send you a digital version (Certificate of Incorporation, Register of Shareholder/Directors, Share Certificate, Memorandum of Association and Articles etc.) via email. Full Belize Offshore Company kit will courier to your resident address by express (TNT, DHL or UPS etc.).

You can open bank account for your company in European, Hong Kong, Singapore or other jurisdictions supported offshore bank accounts! You are freedom international money transfer under your Belize Offshore Company.

Your Belize Company formation completed, ready to do international business!

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5. Can I set up a company with the Nominee Director and Shareholder?
Yes. Absolutely!
6. Where should the offshore company open a bank account?

Nowadays in the globalized world the exact location of a bank is less important than the choice of the bank itself. When choosing a bank, a number of questions should be considered.

  • What are the services available at the particular bank? 
  • What are the costs? 
  • Will your company be able to maintain the minimum required balance or satisfy any other financial requirements for the account? 
  • What are the client acceptance prerequisites at the bank? 
  • Are there any requirements of the bank that may prevent your company from becoming its client? 
  • Is the bank in Your time zone or the time zone of your clients to be able to contact it at the time you need? 
  • Do they speak Your language? 
  • What is the quality of work ethics in the particular bank or in the jurisdiction of the bank in general as this may result in good service, quick and accurate work or, on the contrary, delays, mistakes and poor attitude. 

All in all, there is no single answer as to the most appropriate location of an offshore bank account – it is always a compromise between your financial abilities, convenience and reliability.

7. Can a foreigner open a bank account in Belize? What are the required documents needed to prepare to open an offshore account?

Can a foreigner open a bank account in Belize?

Yes, there are no restrictions on foreigners opening a bank account. In fact, many foreign individuals and companies have opened an offshore bank account in Belize, including US citizens.

There are two forms of offshore banking in Belize: A Class - Unrestricted license and B Class - Restricted license.

  • A-Class requires the holder to open, manage and operate a business in Belize;
  • B-Class has similar requirements and applications as the A-Class, the difference is only that offshore banking operation in B-Class is limited to specified activities as stated in the license.

The required documents to open an offshore account in Belize

You can open an offshore account for the international company in Belize. There are various types of documents that are required to submit such as company license, driver’s license, social security equivalents, v.v. and it depends on the bank you choose but the general requirements are as follows:

  • Notarized copy of valid passport or document with signature, photo, and personal identification;
  • Proof of your residential address such as original utility bill of the residence;
  • A bank reference from a bank that has more than 2 years of history with you;
  • Professional reference from a lawyer or accountant with 2-year history or a second bank that knows you for over two years.

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