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Key benefits of setting up a business in Malta

Updated time: 09 Jan, 2019, 09:47 (UTC+08:00)
  • 5% corporate tax (after refund) – Malta – companies have the lowest tax in the EU
  • Tax advantages for residents without domicile
  • EU compatible tax laws, friendly administration
  • EU with freedom of movement, Schengen, Euro and English as official language
  • Well educated multilingual workforce, diversified economy with strong ICT and finance sectors
  • Sunny climate, good flight connections, an island with tourism and high entertainment

Licenses in Malta often are valid for the entire EU; but in Malta, costs for obtaining and administrating the authorization are much lower. Whether online-gaming, shipping, airline or investment-funds, Malta offers an EU-passport for reasonable costs. For IPOs, a combination with a first listing in Malta and a second listing on a larger EU stock exchange might be much cheaper than a single listing on the larger exchange.

Key Benefits of a company in Malta

Malta makes a difference between residence and ordinary residence Residence is constituted by habitual and continuous presence; you do not need to be 183 days per year in Malta to be resident for tax purposes, however you have to take into account double taxation agreements as well as the question which agreement is applicable.

According to Maltese Law the residence for legal persons is the place of management and control, however it is not sufficient to be able to exercise management and control, decisions have to be really taken there. Therefore the airplanes are full of businessmen who are happy to fly for a business trip to Malta in order to meet regularly there for important decisions.

Directors of corporations can have their residence outside of Malta, however if directors or shareholders are not citizens of the EU or Switzerland, the commercial register asks for additional due diligence documents (e.g. a professional reference of a lawyer or auditor, a bank reference, a copy of an identity document and an utility bill or another proof of residence).

Fiduciary relationships are defined and regulated for fiduciary ownership of shares in a company; nominee director are not seen as fiduciary.

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