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Gibraltar Merchant Account Online | Payment gateway

Gibraltar Merchant Account fees


US$ 99 Service Fees
  • Gibraltar jurisdiction is able to apply Merchant Account with PayCEC, Paypal, GlobalPay, FirstData.
  • Some Banks: EPB, PPB, Bislil, Mau bank may accept Merchant Account Application if Vendors meet requirements
  • Insights Usage from real-time data
  • Up-to-date extension to meet the world trend.
  • Dashboard with analytic tools for Business Management
  • Capture better Sale Volume with Virtual Terminal
  • Varied Choice of Merchant Account Provider
  • Risk Management, Risk Avoidance
  • Services for card transactions
  • Alternative Payment methods/ Varied Choice of Merchant Account Provider

As a member of EU, Gibraltar can offer advantages for companies that are registered as non-residents. Gibraltar is one of the most attractive European offshore jurisdictions with its political stability, robust commercial and professional infrastructure. It has excellent reputation, stable government and special status within the EU. Non-resident companies are not subject to the local corporate tax

Gibraltar-based companies have fewer options than other jurisdiction to register a Merchant Account. As a result, unless proper experience and know-how, picking the most suitable Merchant Account for such company so that it fully enjoys all benefits is time-consuming. We are dedicated to cater and empower Gibraltar businesses to catch the global trend in the context of changing economy by the most reliable Merchant Account from international organizations: Gibraltar jurisdiction is able to apply Merchant Account with PayCEC, Paypal, GlobalPay, FirstData.

If customer is eligible, some Banks: EPB, PPB, Bislil, Mau bank may accept Merchant Account Application if Vendors meet requirements.

Features of Gibraltar Merchant Account

Boost your Business with Gibraltar Merchant Account

Faster business decisions in an ensuring security manner is a requirement in order to meet the fast-changing pace of the world Retailing Industry. So that PayCEC allows:

Vendor Benefits

How to apply merchant account

Step 1
Create Account

Create Account

  • Sign up with Email Confirmation.
  • Easily get your Gibraltar Merchant Account within 5 minutes.
Step 2
Start Integrating

Start Integrating

  • Test all kinds of transactions right on your Dashboard.
  • Stay in control with simple, secured and quick payment methods.
  • Integrating Material is supported and Tech Specialist is available if requested.
Step 3
Activating LIVE

Activating LIVE

  • Send LIVE account’s request by filling out the Gibraltar Merchant Active Form online.
  • World Payments Corporation will base on the information to support for your Gibraltar -based company.
Step 4
Accept Payment

Accept Payment

  • Get email confirmation for LIVE account.
  • With LIVE Account, keep track of daily transactions as well as your Payout details (date, amount, status, etc…).
  • Just few simple steps in Dashboard, payment comes to your company’s bank account within few days.
    • Punctual Payment Schedule
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