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Get a free DNBC account with One IBC

Updated time: 07 Oct, 2021, 14:43 (UTC+08:00)

When it comes to doing business overseas, we understand the importance of international banking and payment, and how it can drastically make an impact on a company’s financial structure.

Wanting the best corporate services for our customers at a valued price, One IBC has joined hands with DSBC Financial Europe UAB, member of DNBC Financial Group™ to launch the biggest promotion ever: “GET A FREE CORPORATE ACCOUNT WITH DNBC”.

Get A Free Corporate Account With DNBC

Promotion details:

  • Open a DNBC corporate account for free with One IBC, and
  • Get EUR100 cashback to DNBC account.

Through this promotion, we hope that our clients can enjoy high-class financial services and at the same time get your satisfaction with what One IBC offers.

About DSBC Financial Europe UAB, member of DNBC Financial Group™:

Ranking in the top list of the most high-class financial service providers in Europe, DSBC Financial Europe UAB, member of DNBC Financial Group™provides efficient services of opening all-in-one current IBAN accounts. An alternative Euro cashless payment method that creates feasibility of making and receiving digital payments with the most secured SEPA and SWIFT Transfer to help clients handle even the complex banking needs.

Campaign rules:

  1. The promotion can be included or combined with other sales, promotions, discounts, etc.
  2. The promotion starts from 6/10/2021.

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