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Why incorporate in Nevis?

Updated time: 09 Jan, 2019, 15:55 (UTC+08:00)

Why incorporate in Nevis?

Benefits to incorporate in Nevis:


  • Political stability coupled with the Government’s policy of maintaining the Offshore Haven Status for the foreseeable future.
  • Highly confidential jurisdiction with restriction of public access to company records. Records can be located outside of Nevis and company changes are not required to be lodged with the Nevis Authorities.
  • There are no personal or corporate taxes levied on income derived from outside Nevis.
  • It is obligatory to prepare accounts but there are no filing or audit requirements.
  • No exchange control with free repatriation of profits and capital.
  • Not party to either the EU Savings Tax Directive or compulsory disclosure as Nevis is a sovereign state independent of the UK.
  • Sophisticated banking system with a wide range of international banks located in Nevis.

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