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22 advantages and benefits of incorporating in Cyprus

Updated time: 09 Jan, 2019, 19:12 (UTC+08:00)

All major benefits and advantages a Cyprus

1. Use of a Nominee Director and Shareholder is allowed, for full confidentiality and anonymity.

2. The share capital of the company does not have to be fully paid in cash at the time of incorporation. You can pay it up later at any stage.

3. It is an EU company, and as such it is acceptable by all countries and serious companies in the EU, and of course all over the world.

4. Its annual corporate and maintenance costs are very low; we offer a very comprehensive management package which includes administrative, legal and accounting services. (Read moreAccounting services in Cyprus)

5. You can open a bank account for a Cyprus company in any country you want.

6. You can get an EU Vat registration number in 48 hours.

7. In case you decide to appoint Nominees, you can have a full Power of Attorney to carry out all or any of the Company’s operations you want.

8. You can incorporate the company without having to visit Cyprus even if you are going to be a Director yourself.

9. You can have a virtual office in Cyprus as the business headquarters of the company, dedicated telephone line, fax, email account and office space to meet clients.

10. You can close down a Cyprus company with a very simple procedure.

11. You can operate a Cyprus company remotely, from the comfort of your office in your own country.

12. A Cyprus company pays only 12.5% tax on its net profits, if generated within Cyprus, otherwise its corporate tax is 0%. Cyprus is a low tax jurisdiction not a Tax Haven.

13. A Cyprus company pays 0% tax on dividends paid out to the shareholders.

14. A Cyprus company pays 0% tax, on all dividends received from any of its subsidiaries.

15. Cyprus does not impose income or capital gains on profits and gains derived from the disposal of securities, irrespective of whether the profits and gains are considered to be of revenue or a capital nature! (*)

16. Cypriot companies are exempt from taxation on foreign exchange (FX) gains, with the exception of FX  gains arising from trading in foreign currencies and related derivatives!

17. A Cyprus company pays 0% on all profits by operating any permanent establishment abroad, such as a hotel, a chain of restaurants, shops etc.

18. A Cyprus company pays only 2.5% tax on all profits from possession or trading in Intellectual Property rights, such as patents, trade names, trademarks, music or sports or scientific rights etc.

19. Incorporation of a Cyprus company gives the right to the Real Owner and his family members to a long stay visa for two years (renewable) and work permit. In 7 years to a Cyprus – EU passport!

20. A Cyprus company can be re-domiciled abroad to any other country.

21. A Cyprus has signed dozens of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties all over the world.

22. If you need to settle in Cyprus, you will enjoy a beautiful country with a mild climate, no crime rate, hospitable population, plenty of human recourses for your needs, a fantastic cuisine and tasty fruits and vegetables.

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