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Why incorporate in Malta

Updated time: 09 Jan, 2019, 09:42 (UTC+08:00)

Why incorporate in Malta

  • A full member state of the European Union and part of the Eurozone, providing Malta-based businesses with instant access to the EU's internal market of over 500 million people.
  • Advantageous geographical location, being within three hours direct flight from other European financial centres.
  • An accessible, respected and forward-looking regulator and risk-based supervision.
  • Comprehensive financial legislation catering inter alia for the regulation of investment funds, insurance companies, securitisation, banking, and financial institutions, offering many regulatory structures that are unique in Europe.
  • A network of double tax treaties with around 80 countries.
  • Political stability coupled with unanimous political support for the country's position as an international financial centre.
  • An educated, dedicated and multi-lingual workforce and incentives to attract foreign professionals.
  • A banking sector, composed of a combination of solid and reliable Maltese banks and major international banks, providing the highest standards of service to corporate and private clients.
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure and support services by professionals with a 'can do' attitude.
  • High quality of life in a Mediterranean island environment with English as one of Malta's official languages.

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