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Why Incorporation in Anguilla?

Updated time: 09 Jan, 2019, 10:06 (UTC+08:00)

Why Incorporation in Anguilla

  • One reason Anguilla is such a popular jurisdiction to utilize for forming an offshore company is its flexible nature. As far as shareholders, directors, capitalization, and company shares are concerned, incorporation in Anguilla offers corporations a great deal of freedom regarding these parties.
  • Anguilla incorporation with a well-regulated financial services industry and a well-developed professional infrastructure
  • Anguilla is a strong democracy governed by modern legislation and a stable government. Britain maintains responsibility for the defense and foreign affairs of Anguilla
  • Common Law legal system based on English law
  • Enjoys easy air access. There are flight connections to Anguilla from Miami, Florida and New York City and other United States cities, as well as from Europe and Latin America, through Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Antigua, and Curacao
  • Communications facilities are exceptional
  • English is the official language and is widely spoken
  • Primary industries are luxury tourism, financial services, boat building and fishing
  • The standard of living and the level of education are both quite high
  • Indirect tax jurisdiction
  • No foreign exchange restrictions
  • Fast and efficient incorporation in Anguilla
  • Stable Financial Services Industry
  • Investor Privacy
  • Strategic Location for International Business
  • Zero-Tax Environment

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