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Rent Virtual Office Today - Super Deals in November

Updated time: 06 Nov, 2020, 17:03 (UTC+08:00)

Having Virtual Office in many different countries to expand your business network, enhance company prestige, reach clients and partners worldwide. This is a strategic and superior solution for companies doing business globally. Plus, Virtual Office will help you save substantial cost of renting physical office, time and human resources since you are not required to be present in those countries you have virtual offices.

Rent Virtual Office Today Super Deals in November

Only in November, One IBC is giving a special offer up to 20% discount on Virtual Office service in 5 countries: USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Lithuania and Vietnam. These countries are known for geographical advantages and have attracted a considerable number of foreign investors.

We are pleased to present this special offer in details as below:

  • VOPNOV203 - 10% discount on 3-month Virtual Office Package
  • VOPNOV206 - 15% discount on 6-month Virtual Office Package
  • VOPNOV2012 - 20% discount on 12-month Virtual Office Package

Term of Services:

  1. The promotional packages do not include or combine with other sales, promotions, discounts, etc.
  2. The service fee above does not include Government fees. 
  3. The promotion will end on November 30 th, 2020.

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