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Delaware Company name for both LLC and Corporation

Updated time: 08 Jan, 2019, 12:10 (UTC+08:00)

When registering a Delaware company, you will be coming up with a name that combines the title of your company with an ending suffix.

The ending suffix informs people what kind of company this is. For example, "One IBC, Inc." has the suffix "Inc." which is an abbreviation of Incorporated.

Delaware Company name for both LLC and Corporation

The Incorporated suffix means this company is a Corporation.

Likewise, "One IBC, LLC" has the suffix "LLC" which is an abbreviation of Limited Liability Company. An LLC is a different type of entity than a Corporation.

You are required to use a suffix at the end of your company name (title). It is not possible to register your company without a suffix.

The following suffixes are available for use by LLC's in Delaware:

Limited Liability Company



Delaware corporation name - following suffixes are available:

Inc., Inc, Incorporated

Corp., Corp, Corporation

Co., Co, Company

Ltd., Ltd, Limited

Association, Assoc.

A Not-for-Profit may use any of the suffixes listed above for a Corporation, or it may use one of the following suffixes traditionally used by Non-Profit Organizations:








Names with Bank or Trust

You cannot use the words "Bank" or "Trust" in the name of your company without prior written approval of the Delaware State Banking Commissioner.

Names with University or College

You cannot use the words "University" or "College" without the prior written approval of the Delaware State Education Commissioner.

Most other states in US have similar laws.

Similiar Names

If you are interested in registering a name that may be similar to the name of a company that already exists in Delaware (or your home state) you may make the name unique by adding a distinguishing word.

In Delaware the distinguishing word may be added to the beginning or the end of the name.

Changing the suffix will not make a name available if it is already taken. If there is already a company registered as "One IBC Corp." you will not be able to register the company as "One IBC Inc."


Your corporation's name cannot contain any words that may, in the judgment of the Delaware Secretary of State, be degrading, vulgar or unacceptable. The Secretary of State has full veto power over any name deemed unacceptable.

Delaware company name reservation

Just inform us about company you want to reservation, we will keep it for you.

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