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Recommended services for incorporating company in Gibraltar

Bank Account

Bank Account
  • Being a member of EU, Gibraltar can offer tax heaven advantages for companies that are registered as non-residents.
    Gibraltar is one of the most attractive European offshore jurisdictions with its political stability, robust commercial and professional infrastructure.
  • Banking is one of the main pillars of Gibraltar's economy, with assets totaling over EUR 7.8 billion. The legal system in Gibraltar is similar to the one in the United Kingdom. Its legislation is based on English common law.
  • Clients of Gibraltar banks enjoy: the EU deposit protection scheme for accounts held in Gibraltar. Some banks may also hold some client deposits in other jurisdictions to enjoy additional protection and diversification.
    • Our company does not offer assistance with opening bank accounts in Gilbratar at the present time. We work hard to offer you alternative options.
  • Gibraltar jurisdiction is able to apply a few banks such as: EPB, PPB, Bislil, Mau bank.

Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Auditing

ONE IBC provides clear, structured and summarised regulatory updates for your board, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions.
"Reach to global, knowledge from locals"

Our services:

  1. Bookkeeping (companies and self-employed)
  2. Tax returns (company taxes, IVA, IRPF)
  3. Management accounts

Why choose us:

  1. Support of global audits
  2. The visibility of in-country laws and methodologies from the local team.


  1. Minimise risk
  2. Improve efficiency
  3. Gain greater insights into overall business operations.

Nominee Director/Shareholder Services

Nominee Director/Shareholder Services
  • Most Gibraltar companies are formed with local nominee shareholders concealing the identity of the owners. Nominee directors can also be used in other countries and can be used to conceal the identity of the persons operating the company though this will not lead to any legal taxation of regulatory benefit and may make banking more complex.

Intellectual Property & Trademark service in Gibraltar

Intellectual Property & Trademark service in Gibraltar
  • The applications are not made in Gibraltar these are registered in the UK under the Trade Marks Act 1994 through the UK Intellectual Property Office and are extended through the Gibraltar Companies House to have effect in Gibraltar.
  • Protection of trademarks lasts ten years, but this can be renewed every ten years subject to renewal fees. After having the trademark registered, you can take legal actions against to any competitor if they have any patent infringement actions.

Merchant Account Online

Merchant Account Online
  • Insights Usage from real-time data
  • Up-to-date extension to meet the world trend.
  • Dashboard with analytic tools for Business Management
  • Capture better Sale Volume with Virtual Terminal
  • Varied Choice of Merchant Account Provider
  • Risk Management, Risk Avoidance
  • Services for card transactions
  • Varied Choice of Merchant Account Provider

Serviced Office

Serviced Office
  • Our Serviced Office plans in Hong Kong, Singapore, UK are ideal for those in need of a professional presence that includes a business address and mailing service.
  • Prestigious city center address
  • Fully furnished office space
  • Effective mail forwarding service
  • A local phone number forwarded directly to your personal telephone 


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One IBC Club

One IBC Club

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Partnership & Intermediaries

Partnership & Intermediaries

Referral Program

  • Become our referer in 3 simple steps and earn up to 14% commission on every client you introduce to us.
  • More Refer, More Earning!

Partnership Program

We cover the market with an ever-growing network of business and professional partners that we actively support in terms of professional support, sales, and marketing.

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