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Recommended services for incorporating company in Belize

Bank Account in Belize

Bank Account in Belize

Belize company accepted by OCBC Singapore, EPB in Pueto Rico, Banks in Mauritius,..

* Advance of having business accoutn in Belize:

  • High-interest rates
  • Asset protection

Nominee Director/Shareholder Services

Nominee Director/Shareholder Services
  • Therre is no public accessible record in Belize. However, you can choose nominee service to have two layers of protection.
  • The main objective of a having a nominee director and a nominee shareholder is to prevent the general public from knowing that a direct relationship actually exists between the beneficial owner and his offshore company.

Serviced Office

Serviced Office

Belize' virtual office spaces help your business to appear larger or more prestigious than it may yet be as well as the flexibility to base it elsewhere while you work in a more convenient location.

  • Prestigious city center address
  • Professional call handlings service with dedicate phone number and fax number
  • Effective mail forwarding service
  • Experienced administrative assistance

Trust, Foundation Service

Trust, Foundation Service

Similar to many other tax heaven jurisidction, Trust/Foundation here has the following advantage:

  1. Low Government Fees
  2. No Local taxes
  3. Fast registration
  4. High level of anonymity
  5. Holding different types of asset:
    • Stocks, bonds and other securities in public or private companies
    • Intellectual property
    • Real estate/immovable property
    • Bank assets
    • Investment portfolios
    • Life assurance policies
    • Most other types of assets
  6. Flexible Structure: Founder, Council, Trustee,... can be flexible individual of trust company depends on the purpose

Change Agent

Change Agent
  • Professional Advisory with 24/7 support
  • As the registered agent, we support your company in lifetime business
  • Fast and cheap prices services (2-3 days)
  • Open bank account remotely
  • Change the company structure, add nominee and other services

Intellectual Property & Trademark service in Belize

Intellectual Property & Trademark service in Belize
  • Most Trademarks in Belize could only be protected through a system of so-called “Cautionary Notices”. Only trademarks that had been registered in the UK could be registered in Belize. By registering a trademark, a proprietor is afforded protection of their mark since they are granted exclusive right to use the said mark to identify their goods and/or services. Trademark protection is also enforced by the Supreme Court of Belize and is directed at eliminating unfair competitors, such as counterfeiters, who use similar marks to market inferior quality products.
  • Registration remains valid for a period of ten years from the date of registration. Consecutive renewals after every ten years must be made subject to the payment of renewal fees.

Merchant Account Online

Merchant Account Online
  • Belize Country is special and PayCEC Merchant Account is recommended for this Jurisdiction
  • Support Application with OCBC Singapore, EPB in Pueto Rico, Banks in Mauritius
  • Legally Secured for Vendor thanks to not handling any customer’s card data
  • International cards processors (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, etc...) with many currencies (AUD, SGD, USD, EURO, etc...) available.
  • Multi Payment methods (Online Gateway, MOTO payment, etc, …)
  • All Fee and Cost are not upfront!, which mean it will be deducted only when Vendors can sell their product/ service
  • Customize your check out page
  • Real-time Risk management
  • Varied Choice of Merchant Account Provider


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One IBC Club

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Partnership & Intermediaries

Partnership & Intermediaries

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