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Nominee Director/Shareholder For Company in Vietnam | From US$ 699

Vietnam Nominee Director/Shareholder Service Fees


US$ 699 Service Fees


US$ 699 Service Fees
  • Our professional nominee director/shareholder helps you fulfill the local statutory requirements.
  • Managing your asset at a high level.
  • Protecting your identity from the company’s documents and with the Government’ record.
  • Keeping your information confidential within your company structure and the Government.
  • Fully control of your company activities through Power of Attorney (POA) and Declaration of Trust (DOT).

1. Why do I need a nominee director/shareholder?

In several countries around the globe, entrepreneurs incorporating a new limited liability company are legally required by the local authorities to appoint a resident director who may either be: i) a citizen or ii) a foreign national with a valid residency permit. It will be mandatory for the resident director to have a local address in the country and to be currently living in the country.

2. One IBC can help you with nominee director/shareholder services?

If you have difficulties finding a resident director, One IBC offers professional nominee director services in every country in the world, including in Vietnam. One IBC professional director appointed will neither be a corporate bank account signatory nor play an active role in your company. This services will help you fulfill the local statutory requirements.

One IBC and our clients will sign a legal contract outlining terms and conditions and limitations of the local director appointment.

3. Nominee Director

With the Nominee Director, your information will not be disclosed on Government and the company’ documents and you still have the full control of your company through the Power of Attorney (POA)

The Power of Attorney (POA) is an agreement between you and the Nominee Director, they will represent or act on behalf of you in your company. Under this POA, the Nominee Director cannot do anything unless receive your instruction to do so.

Required documents:

4. Nominee Shareholder

The same as Nominee Director, the Nominee Shareholder will act on behalf of you in your company. Your information will not be disclosed on the Government and the company’ documents. The agreement between you and the Nominee Shareholder is called the Declaration of Trust (DOT).

The Declaration of Trust (DOT) is an agreement in which the Nominee Shareholder is appointed to hold the shares in the company for you, but the DOT will indicate that you still have the full ownership of your shares.

Required documents:

5. Restrictions

We do not provide Nominee services for these activities:

6. Fee schedule

Nominee Director
Services Service Fees Description
Nominee Director US$ 699 Using the Nominee Director to keep your identity private
Power of Attorney (POA) US$ 499 Nominee director’s signature only
Power of Attorney with certification by a Notary Public US$ 499 The POA is certified by a Notary Public
Nominee Shareholder
Services Service Fees Description
Nominee Shareholder US$ 699 Using the Nominee Shareholder to keep your identity private
Declaration of Trust (DOT) US$ 599 Nominee Shareholder’s signature only
Declaration of Trust with certification by a Notary Public US$ 599 The DOT is certified by a Notary Public
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