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Change/Switch Registered Agent Offshore Company in Singapore

Singapore Change Registered Agent fees


US$ 899 Service Fees
  • Consulting you in tax planning and legal matters
  • Supporting, maintaining, and advising your company from year to year
  • Dealing with matters during the lifetime of your business
  • Help you develop yourcompany bigger and better.
  • We are glad to become your agent and your legal advisor

1. Why change agent?

The Registered Agent play a very important role in shaping the company's business, they will consult you in tax planning and legal matters, this may relate to supporting, maintaining and advising your company from year to year and dealing with matters during the lifetime of your business. You have to choose the best agent to serve and grow your business.

You may wonder why change the agent when you already have it, but does the current agent helpful toward your business or they cannot provide the requested services, you are not happy and you want to change. In that case, we are gald to become your gent and your legal advisor, with years of consulting, we guarantee that we can bring the most values to your business and help you develope it bigger and better.

2. How to change agent?

A written resolution is prepared for the process.

After receiving the signed resolution, we will proceed to change the Local director and Company Secretary to us.

Lodge with ACRA to affect the changes.

After finished, we will provide you with the new BizFile of your Singapore company and now, your company is officially under our administration and you may request any services that you would like to.

3. Fee Schedule

Jurisdiction Service fee Time frame
Hong Kong US$ 399 2-3 working days
Marshall Islands US$ 420 5-6 working days
Samoa US$ 489 5-6 working days
Singapore US$ 899 2-3 working days
Vanuatu US$ 790 5-6 working days
Cyprus US$ 1,299 5-6 working days
Gibraltar US$ 715 5-6 working days
Liechtenstein US$ 3,000 5-6 working days
Luxembourg US$ 3,000 5-6 working days
Malta US$ 1,390 5-6 working days
Netherland US$ 2,000 5-6 working days
Switzerland US$ 2,400 5-6 working days
United Kingdom US$ 299 2-3 working days
Anguilla US$ 439 5-6 working days
Bahamas US$ 699 5-6 working days
Belize US$ 510 5-6 working days
British Virgin Islands US$ 569 5-6 working days
Cayman Islands US$ 1,529 5-6 working days
UAE US$ 1,349 5-6 working days
Delaware US$ 549 2-3 working days
Panama US$ 799 5-6 working days
Saint Kitts and Nevis US$ 750 5-6 working days
Saint Vincent - Grenadines US$ 699 5-6 working days
Mauritius US$ 1,890 5-6 working days
Seychelles US$ 439 5-6 working days
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