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CEO Of One IBC Joined Shark Tank Vietnam Season 5 As An Investor

Updated time: 08 Jun, 2022, 17:10 (UTC+08:00)

Le Hung Anh (professionally known as Jimmy Lee) - founder and CEO of One IBC Group - appeared on Shark Tank Vietnam season 5 as one of the main sharks of the show. He is looking forward to investing in startups that have the potential to scale globally.

First time being a “shark” on the reputable business reality show - “Shark Tank”

Shark Tank Vietnam has officially returned with its new season. It welcomes the new face in the “Shark council”, Mr. Le Hung Anh. He attended the show under the role of founder of BIN Corporation Group, of which One IBC Group is the subsidiary.

“New Shark” Le Hung Anh on the 1st Episode of Shark Tank Vietnam season 5

“New Shark” Le Hung Anh on the 1st Episode of Shark Tank Vietnam season 5 - 2022

As an investor with multi-disciplinary investment and his sensitivity towards the worldwide wave of digital transformation, Shark Le Hung Anh has a strong spirit of supporting young entrepreneurs and is eager to assist them in mastering their businesses in the 4.0 era. He focuses on trend-following adaptability, particularly startups in technology and digital transformation that can go international, together with his global business ecosystem.

Shark Le Hung Anh stated that he is not very interested in new business concepts because ideas can be replicated. Instead, He’s more interested in people, such as founders and their teams. These are those who have the capacity to see the big picture, be adaptable, be ready to make trade-offs, accept the challenge, and accept responsibility for their decisions. This is also One IBC’s core business principle, focusing on high-valued workforce who can bring the best solution and service to customers.

"The important thing that a startup needs is not necessarily money, but the knowledge and experience to go in the right direction in the fastest time.” - shared Mr. Le Hung Anh at the "Announce a Strategic Partner" of Shark Tank Vietnam.

One IBC - BIN Corporation Group’s most prominent brand

One IBC Group specializes in offering pre- and post-incorporation services to entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners all over the world, ranging from offshore company formation to banking support as well accounting and auditing services. The company has vast expertised and in-depth knowledge in the field of overseas incorporation services, and has been creating and expanding relationships with clients and partners all over the world.

Getting a sense of global trends, introducing commercial prospects across boundaries, and being a reliable source for all worldwide investors, One IBC continues to provide Professional Corporate Services while reaffirming the position as a global company.

One IBC main offices in significant financial hubs

One IBC main offices in significant financial hubs

One IBC’s team of experts are located in many important financial hubs in the world such as Hong Kong, Singapore, California (USA), Vilnius (Lithuania), and Ho Chi Minh City. The company currently has 32 branches and representative offices.

The message of Shark Le Hung Anh

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2021, Vietnam's economy has 116.800 new firms registered, 43.100 enterprises reopened, and the total number of established businesses returned to operation grew by over 160.000. Offering valuable capital and support in this period means a lot to the startup’s development and also the growth of the host country.

By supporting the young startups in the hometown country Vietnam, Le Hung Anh hopes to see the insight of opportunities and risks entrepreneurs in the era 4.0 have to go through in the process of forming a new business. From that, he as well as BIN Corporation Group and One IBC can understand and bring suitable, reasonable solutions and services to clients all around the world.


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