Trust Formation & Asset Protection Fee Schedule

Updated time: Aug 8, 2017 , 17:08 (UTC+08:00)
Country/Jurisdiction Time Frame Services Fee
British Virgin Islands Trust 9 working days USD 4,900
Belize Trust 7 working days USD 4,800
Seychelles Trust 7 working days USD 4,500
Hong Kong Trust 14 working days USD 8,900
Mauritius Trust 14 working days USD 4,900

Services including

  • Establishment of the Trust.
  • Annual fee for the provision of Trustee.
  • Government Fee for registration of a Belize International Trust.
  • Annual fee for provision of Trust Agent.
  • Copy of the Original document of the Trust Registration, notarized and legalized by Apostille.
  • File the Director's data to the Registry of Companies related to Trust.