How to register a trade mark

Updated time: Aug 8, 2017 , 17:27 (UTC+08:00)

Step 1 Provide to us your Trademark description, soft copy of the trademark in JPEG format and your company business registration (or identity for personal). At this stage, we can provide Trademark pre-submission search which provides access to records of existing marks so that an applicant may search the records to identify existing marks that may pose a conflict to a proposed mark. The records, which may be paper, microfilm, or electronic, should be organized to allow for ease in discovering potential conflicting marks.

Step 2 We will fill-up all requirement documents, Application form and submit it within 1-2 working days to the local authority of country which you want to register your Trademark. After that, a search of the trademarks records will be conducted and waiting for 6 months which to meet the requirements (in case not the same or similar trademark has already been registered or been applied).

Step 3 Your trademark will be published in the local country Official Gazette Notice, anyone can view it. In case do not have any objections issued you will get Certificate of Registration for your trademark within 4-7 months, it depends on country and type of trademark you registration.