Offshore Bank Account Benefits

Updated time: Feb 24, 2018 , 12:18 (UTC+08:00)

Our specialist team provides bank account opening support in many jurisdictions well known among the offshore community. Please see our schedule fee list for selection of our recommended reputable banks in favorable jurisdictions or contact our professional Relationship Manager team for tailored consultancy.

Top 10 Benefits of an offshore bank account:

  • Operating bank accounts for your offshore company,
  • International business friendly,
  • Fast, easy and convenient international payments,
  • Supports multi-currency, including: USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, SGD, AUD, CHF, etc.,
  • Supports SWIFT/BIC, IBAN,
  • Supports Debit/Credit Card with business/personal name or issued Cheque Book, L/C,
  • Favorable transaction fee for inward and outward transactions.
  • No money control,
  • Reputable banks in many continents EU, America, Asia, Africa, Middle East,
  • Wealth Management or Asset Protection.

Application in a nut shell

1. Remote Application

  • Cost & time efficiency: personal visit for account opening appointment is not required, travel- hassle free.
  • From home application: submit supporting documents depending on prerequisites of the applied bank.
  • Quality support: Our specialist banking support team will review, advise, and support on the paperwork.
  • Got your bank account ready in 10 working days depending on your applied bank.

2. Personal Visit (Shareholder and Director)

  • Personal Visit: appointment for Know Your Client check and application signing of all related parties are required. (normally it is applied for banks in Hong Kong, Singapore and Latvia)
  • Corporate Solutions & SMEs in niche markets: our partnered banks in SG and HK offer many services benefiting corporates & SMEs in niche markets (subjected for pre-approval check).
  • Quality support: Our specialist banking support team will review, advise, and support on the paperwork, then arrange meeting with the bank at your convenient time.
  • Got your bank account ready within 10 working days depending on your applied bank.

Documents required & preparation

  • Personal Know Your Client:
  • Certified copies of all related parties’ (director/ shareholder/ beneficial owner
  • Recent proof of residence, three- month valid (utility bill or bank statement)
  • Company Know Your Client:
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Register of Shareholder/director, Share Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Certify of Secretary/Agent for Incumbency/Good Standing, Introduction letter to bank.