Nominee (Shareholder & Director) Benefits

Updated time: Mar 20, 2018 , 15:04 (UTC+08:00)

Nominee information

We will provide Nominee Passport ID and Address proof

Power of Attorney for Nominee Director (With Apostille)

Rights of your company will be protected by Power Of Attorney. This contract will certify your full management of the company while the Nominee Director only represents for you. All actions made by the Nominee Director will be under this contract until it expires, upon which all rights revert solely back to you.”

Declaration of Trust for Nominee Shareholder

Contracting a Nominee Shareholder requires you to protect your rights of your shares with Nominee Shareholder. Issuing a Declaration of Trust free of loopholes helps you to certify your full ownership of your shares while the nominee represents for you.

You can see the below picture which show the structure for your easy understanding

Nominee (Shareholder & Director) Benefits