Licensing For Your Business Overview

Updated time: Aug 8, 2017 , 17:10 (UTC+08:00)

Navigating regulations and licensing requirements are rarely considered the most interesting part of a job, but unfortunately it is often a necessity in order to legally do business. 

The truth is, businesses are faced with thousands of possible licensing jurisdictions. The federal government, states, and municipalities may all issue specific licenses or permits. Government agencies frequently update their forms and change requirements for supporting documents. The process of obtaining and maintaining the appropriate license can be time-consuming and take you away from what you really need to be dealing with at your company.

OffshoreCompanyCorp obtaining and maintaining business licenses and permits for our clients. We ensure that you are kept up to date and have exactly what is required to get your business compliant. Our research team and forms database allow us to provide the fastest turnaround times. We minimize your involvement with government agencies and save you the wasted hours you may spend researching business licensing questions and locating business license applications. No, it may not be the most exciting part of doing business, but it is what we do best.


1. License Research

  • Determine all the licenses and permits your business needs at the federal, state, county and municipal level.
  • Provide you the proper license/permit application forms.
  • List filing instructions, supporting document requirements and fees.

2. License Filings 

2. 1 Identify requirements

  • Whether your business operates as a multi-state operation or in a single location:
  • We identify all application requirements for your business license filing
  • We determine what corporate and legal documents you need to submit with the application

2. 2 Complete all application forms 

  • We complete all application forms and ensure supporting documents are complete.
  • On your behalf, we submit the amount of government fees required for your business license filing.

2. 3 Verify license is issued 

  • We contact the licensing authority to ensure the business licenses are issued
  • In case of insufficiency or rejection, we work with you and the authority to resolve the issue

3. Business License Compliance

Business license compliance can be a huge burden on the day-to-day activities in your business. The licensing experts at OffshoreCompanyCorp ensure that your company remains compliant while you focus on your business through our online web portal and our renewals team.