Public holiday in BVI in 2015

Thursday, 1st January New Year’s Day
Monday, 2nd(In lieu of Saturday, 7th March) The Anniversary of the Birth of Hamilton Lavity Stoutt
Monday, 9th March Commonwealth Day
Friday, 3rd April Good Friday
Monday, 6th April Easter Monday
Monday, 25th May Whit Monday
Saturday, 13th June Sovereign’s Birthday(to be confirmed)
Monday, 29th Junep;(In lieu of Wednesday, 1st July) Territory Day
Monday, 3rd Augustp Festival Monday
Tuesday, 4th Augustp Festival Tuesday
Wednesday, 5th Augustp; Festival Wednesday
Monday, 19th Octoberp(In lieu of Wednesday, 21st October) St. Ursula’s Day
Friday, 25th December Christmas Day
Monday, 28th December(In lieu of Saturday, 26th December) Boxing Day

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