Optimize Your Workspace In New Year. Here’s Gift 30% Off From One IBC

Updated time: Feb 8, 2018 , 12:31 (UTC+08:00)

On special occasion Lunar New Year 2018. OneIBC gives you the great chance 30% discount for the Services office in the following:

Virtual Office Initial Price Price after 30% OFF  
3 months 159 USD/month 111 USD/month Order now
6 months 149 USD/month 104 USD/month Order now
12 months 136 USD/month 95 USD/month Order now
Co – working Space Initial Price Price after 30% OFF  
Day - pass 29 USD/pax/day 20 USD/pax/day Order now
Visitor 135 USD/pax/ 5 days 94 USD/pax/ 5 days Order now
Common 499 USD/pax/month 349 USD/pax/month Order now
Dedicated Office Initial Price Price after 30% OFF  
3 months 399 USD/month/seat 279 USD/month/seat Order now
6 months 369 USD/month/seat 258 USD/month/seat Order now
12 months 329 USD/month/seat 230 USD/month/seat Order now
Meeting Room Services Initial Price Price after 30% OFF  
1 Hour 79 USD 55 USD Order now
Half day 159 USD 111 USD Order now
Full day 299 USD 209 USD Order now

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save your expense and grow your business.

Let’s choose your workspace to boost your next level business in our hub offices in the world.

Expired date: 28 February 2018.

Contact us today and we will help find the right workspace for you.

Asia Pacific - Hong Kong - One IBC Limited

Asia Pacific - Singapore - One IBC Pte. Ltd.

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