Only US$ 32 for Business Registration Certificate of Hong Kong Company

Updated time: Apr 4, 2016 , 17:22 (UTC+08:00)

HK Golden Door has been even further widened since the last decades, Hong Kong is worldwide well- known for .

Under the 'one country - two systems' philosophy, the SAR has executive, legislative and independent judicial power. The capitalist system, legal structure and lifestyle remain unchanged. Hong Kong remains a free port with a free flow of capital and a freely convertible Hong Kong dollar.

Companies established here enjoy a simple and low tax system, minimum administrative procedures, free flow of capital and information, a solid banking system, the rule of law, fantastic infrastructure and communication tools -- combined with a dynamic and efficient workforce.

The Mainland of China is a huge market for business in the region. Hong Kong is strategically located at its gateway and is a convenient stepping stone for entering the Mainland market.

Altogether these factors have been attracting a great numbers of companies to come and make their success here. Furthermore , From 1st, April 2016 Business Registration Certificate is free for Fee of 1 year Certificare & come down to 3,200 HKD (~ 410 USD) for Fee of 3 -year Certificare. With 2000 HKD fee is already exempted & another attractions, cost of new companies is in a small levy of only US$ 32 in term of government charges for first year, Companies all over the world should put Hong Kong as this first place in their investment Portfolio:! Hong Kong is sending out its invitation for your new promising land for expanding business internationally based on its reputation & previlige

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