New features and information updated notice

Updated time: Apr 24, 2018 , 17:14 (UTC+08:00)

In order to facilitate the quick and convenient use of our services, we are pleased to inform that some new features and information have been recently updated on the website as follows:

1. The mobile interface were changed that makes it easy for users to catch the information and use the service with ease.

Mobile interface updated

2. Customer services were updated with Worldwide phone support system, Live chat system and Send Ticket service. If you have any confuse about our services, you can directly contact us through the Worldwide phone support, or Live chat system without having sent emails to us then take time to wait for answers as before. We also offer the Send Ticket service that help you get the tickets quickly and easily.

customer services updated

3. A lot of new services are updated include: Shelf Company List, Change Agent, Tax Report & Annual Return, Trust Formation & Asset Protection, Licensing For Your Business, Trade Mark, Accounting and Auditing, and Company Strike Off. Now you will have more choices that will be considered to be the best fit with your demand of service.

If you have any confuse or face technical problems while using our services, please contact us via:

All related matters to the order processing, after-sales service will be solved promptly.

Additionally, we will receive and solve all complaints from customers via:

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