A Good & Long relationship between Offshorecompanycorp & Baltikums Bank

Baltikums Bank has expertised in financial services to individual and businesses for 15 years.The Bank offers banking, investment, and financing services of the highest quality and consumer value to high net worth private persons who want to trust us with their financial solutions and are interested in developing sustainable business relations in many jurisdictions such as Riga (Latvia), Limassol (Cyprus), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Kyiv (Ukraine) and Russia. As of December 31, 2011, Baltikums Bank had total assets of 209.868 million Lats (US$ 380.75 million). According to report of Baltikums Bank in February 2016, for the full year of 2015, the company's income from the bank's activities during the reporting period reached EUR 36.9 million, with net profit of EUR 7.4 million. Return on equity (ROE) during the year was at 14.0 % and the bank's return on assets (ROA) was 1.1 %.

A Good & Long relationship between Galaxy One Limited/ Offshorecompanycorp & Baltikums Bank

Galaxy One Limited/ Offshorecompanycorp always compromises to the clients the best services and the perfect solutions for business practice to help enterprises easily access international market. To us, only the success and prosperity of clients are the most valuable prize for our development process. Therefore, chosing counterpartner is also a vital part in core values of Galaxy One’s golden key. We are so proud of being partner with Baltikums banks for years, which for the 7th time in the past 10 years, the Baltikums Bank has been declared to be one of the 101 most valuable companies in Latvia (Baltikums News 2016).

Last month, Galaxy One Limited received the Certificate of Competence Recognition from Baltikums Bank, which has proved our strong long-term relationship.


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