One IBC’s new partner - DSBC Financial Europe UAB

Updated time: 06 Sep, 2019, 10:40 (UTC+08:00)

Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

We are happy to announce our good news to you as we have partnered up with one of the new European financial groups, DSBC Financial Europe UAB.

We are glad to support you to open up either a DSBC’s corporate or personal account for your companies situated in the Europe continent. DSBC's corporate account is an ultimate payment method while it allows you to exchange currency, send and receive money around the globe with just a DSBC Debit/Prepaid card.

Similar to the European bank accounts, a DSBC’s account also comes with an IBAN number thus, DSBC allows you to perform transactions effortlessly.

By becoming a member of DSBC, you will have accesses to all their features and benefits shown below

One IBC’s new partner - DSBC Financial Europe UAB

Benefits from owning a DSBC’s account


  • Global transaction accounts with 24/7 internet banking.
  • Remote application
  • An unique IBAN issued.
  • Ease of trading your products/services
  • Free programming consulting and assistance.
  • Exclusive services for corporate accounts.

About us

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