Hong Kong Company Kit

Updated time: Apr 1, 2016 , 14:15 (UTC+08:00)

1. Company Formation Service Fee

This fee will be collected by Offshore Company Corp for your requirements.

Services and Documents Provided
Company Name Search ;
Documents Preparation;
Certificate of Incorporation ;
Business Registration Certificate ;
Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) ;
Life Time Customer Support;
Business Registration Address;
Secretary Service of Individuals/ Legal Person in Hong Kong about 1 year;
Receiving Mail and Announcement of Hong Kong Government in 1 year;
Annual Return and Filing.
US$ 399

2. Government Fee

The person, who wants to incorporate new company in Hong Kong, needs to pay two types of Government fee. This fee depends on Hong kong government rules and we cannot adjust it.

1. 1. Certificate of Incorporation (CI): Pay one time when setting up the company, including:

  • Application fee
  • Submitting NNC1 form

Total Cost: US$ 221

2. Business Registration Certificate (BR): There are two types of business registration certificate, namely 1-year certificate and 3-year certificate. For a new business other than a local company, the commencement date of its first registration certificate is the date of commencement of business, not the date of application for business or branch registration.

  1 year-certificate 3-year certificate
US$ 256
US$ 667
US$ 32
US$ 96
US$ 288
US$ 763

Note: Exchange rate USD/ HKD: 7.8 Customers can pay this fee to Hong Kong government by yourself or Offshore Company Corp can help you to do this step with 10% service charge. The specific amount depends on your type of business registration certificate that already mentioned above. After having a new company, you may need the bank account, virtual office or phone number in Hong Kong. Offshore Company Corp stays there to fulfill your requirements with the additional services.

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