British Virgin Islands Company Kit

Updated time: Mar 2, 2016 , 10:01 (UTC+08:00)

1. Company Formation Service Fee

Services and Documents Provided Status
Reserving your Company Name Yes
Certificate of Incorporation (COI) Yes
Memorandum and Articles of Association Yes
Form of Appointment of First Director(s) Yes
First Director(s) Resolutions Yes
Letter(s) of Consent to Act as Director Yes
Letter(s) of Application for share(s)  Yes
Letter(s) of Consent to Act as Secretary Yes
Share Certificate(s) Nos. 1 and 2 Yes
Original Register of Directors * Yes
Original Register of Members * Yes
Original Register of Secretaries * Yes
Completed Company Kit Yes
Company seal (Add on) Yes
Total  US$ 569

2. Government Fee

Certificate of Incorporation Status
Company is authorized to issue a maximum of 50,000 shares of US$1.00 each. Yes
Registered Agent and Registered Office fees for the first year Yes
Total US$ 500