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Trust Formation & Asset Protection Processing

Updated time: Jul 31, 2018 , 12:09 (UTC+08:00)

Give us your requirement for trust or foundations in each relevant jurisdiction. If you need any advice to select the right solution, feel free to contact our team.
Depending on your solution, provide us with the required information as below.

For a trust

  1. Proposed trust name
  2. Beneficiaries list
  3. Trustee and protector names
  4. Successor trustee and protector names
  5. Proof of identification for trust grantor, beneficiaries, trustee and protector (scan of passport and proof of address)
  6. List of assets and related documentation

For foundations

  1. Founder’s name
  2. Beneficiaries list
  3. Settlor’s name
  4. Protector’s  name
  5. Council members’ names

Based on that information, we/Offshore Company Corp will help you fill in the application form and then submit it to the government.
After 5 working days, we will return the full trust/foundations kit you ordered, and you are ready to use it.