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Opening Offshore Bank Accounts Services Prohibited Activities

Updated time: Jul 30, 2018 , 16:51 (UTC+08:00)

The following categories of business or people are prohibited from using our banking-support services.

  • Any illegal or criminal activities under the laws of any country
  • Individuals who are blacklisted under the laws of any country
  • Activities that are illegal under the host country’s laws or regulations relating to the environment, health and safety, human rights and labour
  • Dealing in arms or munitions
  • Trading in fireworks, explosives, nuclear weapons or radioactive materials
  • Financial service (payment processing, deposit taking, money exchange) without a licence
  • Commodity trading without a licence
  • Gambling, casinos, betting
  • Online pharmaceuticals (prescription drugs) without a licence 
  • Pass-through transactions and payable-through accounts (PTA)
  • Pornography
  • Trade in wildlife products (animal fur, bones, ivory)
  • Trade in human body parts and pathogens
  • Commercial logging operations in tropical forests, or forestry products from unmanaged forests
  • Drift-net fishing (nets 2.5km or more in length)
  • Production of hazardous chemicals, ozone-depleting substances, banned pesticides/herbicides
  • Cultural objects, antiques, art items
  • Prize draws/gift cards/lotteries
  • Bearer shares and bonds
  • Trading in options/hedging
  • Donations/charities (certificate of local authority)