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Opening Offshore Bank Accounts Services Processing

Updated time: Jul 30, 2018 , 16:49 (UTC+08:00)

The 4-step order for opening an offshore-business bank account

Step 1

Select banks and give details of all relevant parties (directors, shareholders, beneficial owners)

Choose the bank you want to open your business account with and provide your personal information (phone number, email address, passport number, postal address). Our expert relationship managers are available to help you make the most suitable selection.

Step 2

Provide your company documents (certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, share certificates, resolution of the board of directors etc)

Add: Business Details

Step 3

Bank account activation

The bank will send you a welcome pack, confirming the success of opening an account and containing your digipass and your online banking login details.

Step 4

Initial funding and receiving debit/credit card

Follow the bank’s instructions in the welcome kit and deposit the initial fund to your new account. Your requested debit/credit card will be posted or couriered to the postal address you provided.