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Opening Offshore Bank Accounts - Form or Download

Updated time: Aug 21, 2018 , 10:52 (UTC+08:00)

1. Saint Vincent Grenadines

Bank Name Download file Link
Euro Pacific Bank 1. Pre approval form Download
2. Director resolution form Download
3. New Payment Form Download
4. Fees & Charges Download
5. W8BEN E Download
6. W8BEN Download
7. W9 Download

2. Latvia

Bank Name Download file Link
Rietumu Bank 1. Questionnaire Download
2. Open Account Corporate Download

3. Switzerland

Bank Name Download file Link
CIM bank 1. KYC Corporate Questionnaire Download
2. Fees & Charges Download

4. Mauritius

Bank Name Download file Link
ABC Bank 1. Account opening form International Banking Download
2. Bank account Opening Resolution of Director Download
3. Controlling Person CRS Download
4. CRS Entity tax residency Download
5. FATCA Download
6. Business plan template Download
7. E statement application Download
8. Fees & charges  
8.1. ABC Bank Reference Letter Template With Residential Address Download
8.2. Check List For Private Company Download
8.3. Corporate SME Banking Tariff Guide Download
8.4. Correspondent Bank Download
8.5. Debit Card International Banking Tariff Guide Download
8.6. Debit Card Terms Conditions Download
MauBank 1. Account Opening Terms and Conditions Form Download
2. Application form Download
3. Appointment of Bankers Download
4. Call Back form Download
5. CRS Self Certification Form for Controlling Person Download
6. CRS Self Certification Form for Entity Download
7. E Correspondence Consent Form Download
8. Indemnity for Fax and Cheque Download
9. Indemnity for Fax and Email Download
10. Internet Banking Application Form Download
11. Internet Banking Resolution By Board of Directors Download
12. Internet Banking Terms and Conditions Download
13. Specimen signature card Download

5. Cyprus

Bank Name Download file Link
Bank of Cyprus 1. Questionnaire New Account Company Download
2. Customer Enrollment Download
3. Tables of Comissions & charges Download

6. Vanuatu

Bank Name Download file Link
Pacific Private Bank 1. Account Opening Form Download
2. Internet Banking Agreement Download
3. W 8BEN E Form Download
4. PPB Fees & Charges Download

7. Hong Kong

Bank Name Download file Link
HSBC 1. Sample Download
2. Full HSBC Tariffs and charges  
2.1. Commercial Tariffs Download
2.2. Tariff Blank Form 2017 Download
2.3. Full HSBC Tariffs And Charges 2016 Download
OCBC WingHang 1. Application form Download
2. Corporate Director Resolution Download
3. Sercharge Pricing Download
HangSeng Bank 1. Questionnaires Download
2. Check list Download
3. Business Integrated Account Amendment Form Download
4. Business Integrated Account Application Form Download
ICICI Bank 1. Application Form Download
2. Service Request Download
3. Fees & Charges Download

8. Singapore

Bank Name Download file Link
DBS 1. Account opening checklist Download
2. Online Direct Debit Authorisation Brochure Download
3. Pricing Guide Download
OCBC 1. Business Document requirements Checklist Download
2. OCBC ForeignBizpricing guide Download
3. Business Card application form Download
4. Unified business account application forms Download